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well, I figure at some point I had to address the concern of some of my relatives and friends about how I could deal with being in a country where the majority of the population aknowledge that the invasion of Iraq was mostly for a "war-for-oil" and that the removal of the dictator was a nice by- product. I for sure am a little dissapointed that a war could be waged on such grounds but let's skip the naive reflections and go to the heart of the matter. The problem is two fold deep: 1) The hypocrisy of invading a nation for the protection of the american soil is just a little too obvious. It would have been better to be upfront and annouce readily the war for oil angle, at least credibility and honesty could be scored when shrewdness and greed were anyway so conspicuous that the common citizen has accepted this concept as fact. 2) The main goal, very noble and logical, of protecting the country is nowhere close to being achieved. The 9/11 commision report handed out a failing grade for meeting the criteria for increased protection of us citizens. Hummm, now that is a problem.
So in my humble opinion, here is a vote for a reshuffling of the GW priorities. I remind you it is just my humble opinion so it is worth my doggies ' poop:
1) Find Osama and bring him down. We need it not for stopping terrorism because it will need much more than that but to give justice to all who have lost relatives and friends in 9/11.
2) Put qualified people in critical position such as chief of FEMA and supreme court judge.
3) please address some of the environement concerns. Not all because that would be too much but at least read over some of the kyoto protocol during breakfasts.
4) less debate about Intelligence Design vs evolution taught in public school. Pointless still here is an interesting point if you really need to know.
5) less obvious about tax breaks for fortune 500.
6) Invite Mandela, Gates family and Bono over for dinner. They might have a few ideas. Even having Jon Stewart might help ( BTW I love the guy and the show. He has more sensible point than half of the senate ).

So how I deal with it ? I create a blog and vent off until I get shut down :-). I take comfort in knowing that even with such a mediocre administration, this is still a great place to live in. Mostly stand up people although I disagree with many of them. This country gives me opportunity for education and a pretty good life so I really cannot complain...much. :-)

That's my rant for today. Hope I did not bore you to death.

Happy holidays,

ps: Happy birthday, Jesus !

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