" la vie en NOT SO rose "in St-martin and women in charge

I have been talking up the good weather and overall quality of life in the French west indies. One person, my dad, always thought that this idea was a bit misguided and not totally accurate. He would know better, seeing the problems on a daily basis from the perspective of the ER. He is pretty good at keeping an upbeat attitude because it doesn't matter whether you are in the sunshine or in the cold, if you deal with this everyday:
So my dad is cautious of potential problens out there. Yet, after 5 years, he does not slow down when it comes to the caring of people in desperate situations. Plus the working conditions are not that pristine. The thing is, caring for people happens at every level. You can start a charity with billions dollars , you can volunteer to the peace corps or give bread to your less fortunate neighboors, either way caring is an attitude, a way of life to be carried on your sleeves.
The point is, one has a moral obligation to look beyond our own self-centered issues from time to time. That is the only reason our lives matters on the greater scheme of things.

Ok, I will now get my head out of my own pedant, self-righteous ass and just tell my dad that I understand why he is so cautious of describing St-Martin as "paradise on earth", it is also home for tragic memories for a whole lot people.

It is also to be noted that there probably will be two elected female presidents within the last 3 months: Liberia's Johnson-Sirleaf and Chile's Bachelet.
So as reading of the week goes, here is Mrs Bachelet's take on fair trade and globalisation.

See you next week :-)

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