more family stuff

I will be switching my "language of blog" back and forth between french and english and maybe even malagasy :-) ( This is not a slight against the malagasy language but against my expertise or lack thereof ). I will give malagasy blogging a try at some point but in the meantime I will study some more. Here are more pics from my family:

Seheno (cheyenne) with my mum's dog, Dick. Stephane (goumi) at his mother's b-day bash serving bubbles :-) I just learn that Stephane is the saxon equivalent of Etienne in French which is my grandpa 's first name. There I am glad we settle that :-) Stephane's dad is working on an extensive family tree that goes back to the origin of the Malagasy nation. When the website is up, I will link it right here. In the meantime here is a little something about our history

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