Things I think I dig ( P. King style)

1. KVZ ( for initiated only :-) )
2. Mandela: person of last century
3. U2 /Bono: making great music matters
4. Federer: excellence and class ( hair has to go though)
5. New-Orleans: most original city of US : it WILL bounce back.
6. Steve Nash: everything I hope a person and an athlete would be.
7. Mark Cuban's blog. Original maverick, argues everything ( hair also has to go)
8. The Gates: not as fun as Cuban , more relevant.
9. Jon Stewart for restoring my faith in America.
10. Norah Jones/Amos Lee: beautiful melody, great voices
11. cafe mocha, no whipped cream
12. Jessica Alba: nuff said
13. Phoenix Suns, Indy Colts and Arsenal: anything about sports actually.
14. Angelina Jolie: no whining here about the Anniston situation, prime humanitarian is what counts. ( great look doesn't hurt).
15. Syriana, Munich, Hotel Rwanda , Love actually ( I know): movies that matter.
16. Mahaleo and Rossy : someone will find out someday that their pure melodies could be potential global hits.
17. Noam Chomsky
18. San Fransisco, Addis-Abeba, Toulouse, London and St Martin.
19. Bill Simmons
20. Clooney/Damon. Bacri/ Bourdon. Don't ask
21. Good will Hunting and Shawshank Redemption.
22. Wedding Crashers, Kung Fu Hustle, Old school, Harlem Nights ( sometimes a belly laugh is all you need )
23 Not having a list of thing I don't like :-)

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