1st malagasy in Winter olympics ! get well Gingster..

It looks like Madagascar has send its first athlete to the Winter Olympian ! His name is Mathieu Razanokolona and he will compete in the downhill ski event (or whatever the name is..).(Links available below) I am sure you know this but Madagascar is not exactly the ideal place for ski practice.... unless it is waterskiing of course. Needless to say, Mathieu bringing a medal home is as likely as a man being mistakenly taken for a quail and shot by the Vice-President of the US. ..nevermind that ( Intriguingly, V.P. Cheney was an outside contender for winning the biathlon in Turino). Anyway, Lamako ( sync. clapping) for Mathieu, as far as I am concerned, he already won the event.
On a sadder note, one of the doggies (Ginga )at home is a bit sick ( upset stomach we hope), updates on his health are available on his website.(mosilager.blogspot.com).
Get well soon, Gingster; you are a strong doggie so you will be up and running in no time with your friend Booboo who will take good care of you.

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