Bono nominated for Nobel prize ! Congratulations Maryline and Cedric

You know I had to talk about this: Bono nominated as a nobel prize candidate !!! I am thrilled of course as he is just the most talked about subject of this blog. I already went on and on about why U2 is the most relevant musical performers ever( political activity, great sound ). However, this nomination inspires two immediate thoughts: the problem of global poverty is urgent, relevant to everyone and most importantly "fixable". The solution will not come right away but Bono and especially Bob Geldof ( ther nominee )are willing to propose solutions. That is the most we can ask for right now. The second thought is that the world is in dire need of leaders when musicians and entertainers are showing the way. How low did we get when no one else really stand out ? Who else really ? The US current adminstration is beyond ridiculous, ( What will it take for G.W to be impeached ? Someone please give Monica a call !) and th rest of the world is not really picking up the slack. So I am happy for Bono and Geldof but sad for the world. Sunday Bloody sunday indeed !

My colleague here received their bundle of joy: a little boy named Baptiste. The miracle of life never ceases to amaze me. We have got to make sure that our legacy to our children is a better earth, a clean environment that will allow them to grow healthy and happy. I am super happy for the parents who are thrilled and deserving of this gift. On a personal level, I still favor adoption if I were to go that rout but to everyone their choices.

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