Sudo...what ? How to cope with innate inabilities

By now, everyone must have heard of or played the infamous new mind game of Sudoku. My parents are hooked, my friends are addicted so in order to keep up with the trend, I gave it a try. I was intrigued the first couple of games. The problem started when I tried to tackle the clock and the different levels. It went so bad that I cannot even solve the easiest one now. The point is, the game has become for me an excercise in frustration, futility and self-criticism. I did not need that, if you see what I mean. So what should I do to get over my shortcomings and quit calling the game SU F*U ? I could ignore it, pretend I never heard of it like a brokenhearted dumpee or... I could counterattack. Yes, I think the best way is to go around the problem, I wll start a new game that will take over the SUDO(attac)KU. We will call it a cooler name such as KUKURUKU, RITBACKATU or POLAMALU (in honor of steelers). Here goes ( I still need to think it through but the base is here):it's a multiple step games
1st step: anagram (word) like plus categories:
For example: category: Holiday
anagram: OTWSAGNIHN ( Washington)
DEEPCENNINCE (Independence)
TINAONLA ( national)
LOCONTSI (colonist)
2nd step: anagram ( numbers):
final answer: 04071776

You see, that was easy. And don't pretend you don't feel good about yourself now.

Another one for the week: let me know if you got it:
category: war
2nd step: 91601482
Answer: ???
If you get it right, you will earn a tap on the back from yourself. If you lose, there is always the new SUDOKU SWEEP !!!! ( Tetris+sudoku) And to prove you, I am not bitter, I attached a link to plenty of sudoku online:
Have a great week !


  1. ginga's secret lover5:11 PM

    Is it Sarajevo, assassinnation, europe, balkans...08261914 (world war I begins....) ?

  2. Well, Ginga' s secret lover, You are THE NEW MASTER of KURUKUKU !!
    You have won a free invisible T-shirt, the standing ovation of the academy and my undying respect ! ( not much I know but we are working on it )