Valentine day's blunder

A few post ago, I was whining about how the lack of cash in my wallet led to an accord with my I-mei that we would not celebrate V-day this month and wait for better days ( namely next month paycheck and hopefully tax return ). So there I am, trying to come up with something to show her that I am cashless but not heartless and bumming about my financial status. ( I really shouldn't complain because as a student, I get a decent stippend from Purdue that makes me part of the 12% richest people on planet earth ! Unbelievable yet true, you can look it up here. The unequal distribution of wealth is a bit mindboggling, I would say ...but enough of the digression).
It turns out my baby did not respect the accord: she got me this great book about U2 (see pics) after a delicious homecooking feast accompanied by a sweet greeting card. On the other hand, I got her....my "sorry" guilty face. I know what you think and I am mortified enough now so no salt on the wound please. She was a good sport and did not blame at all for being a cheap jerk. I am due for some serious making up. Any suggestions ? The irony is that I told my family about the "V-day no gift" plan and told me not to go through with it. I played the "it's-about-the-accord-principle" card but my mum called my bluff and said that was bullcrap. Anway, the lesson is 1) as always I am idiot 2) all accord are nullified on V-day.

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