Natalie Portman as a "gansta", a sorry tennis father and funny fridge magnets to kick off the week-end !

I was told I write way too much ( true but still ... my feelings are hurt... not really! ), so I will pass the floor to a badass gansta from Harvard and the fridge magnets. A word on that tennis dad in France who thought that poisonning his kids'opponents at tennis tournament was merely getting his favorite kids an edge towards their professional careers. 2 points: 1) I am not that surprised, tennis has 2nd highest ratio of crazy parents after iceskating 2) congratulations to him, he won 8 years in prison ( not enough) ,ruined his kids' life forever and probably will be abused in prison by a tennis fan inmate. Mr, you are one sorry PSYCHO ! Thank god that I then read this blog by a fellow malagasy who kindly visited this space. It put me in a much better mood ( foo-foo dust ?). Check out her post "100 things about me" here. Thanks Cinthia , that was funny.


  1. I'm glad my woes could entertain :) Better to laugh than cry, right?

  2. cinthia, I did not mean to laugh at your problem :). However, if I was smiling from time to time, you can only blame yourself and your offbeat sense of humor. I am still wondering if I read your last post right.