Interesting factoids about Namibia

So "Brangelina: the(genetic) sequel" will be Namibian as the Pitt-Jolie baby kid will see the first daylight in a secluded Namibian resort. I am sure Namibian people are slightly annoyed at the sudden interest in their countries because of Hollywood drama. People outside barely knew or cared before and now everybody is suddenly an expert on Namibia ? ( I felt it a bit with the release of "Madagascar: the movie") My advice: embrace the attention and turn people to what the country has to offer.
So here is my own Namibia factoids:
1) Frankie Fredericks is the most underrated class athlete in the world. If it were not for the dope-suspicious performances of the likes of Christie and Michael Johnson Frankie could have had a few gold medals by now. Yet he always was very quiet and classy in victory and defeat. Oh and he ran the 100m dash in 9.86s and the 200m in 19.68s: Not Bad !
2) The country is one the youngest in the world: 17. Not old enough to drink or vote. Still, already home of most famous celebrities' offspring. Our most famous Malagasy offsrping would be... dang, little help here please ?
3)Oshiwambo, English, Afrikaans and German are spoken there.
4) Windhoek ( corner of wind) is famous for its hot springs
5)The busiest airport is Eros: of course, it is. Now we know why Brangelina picked Namibia. Madagascar should name our next airport Amore. Our chances to get the Ledger-Williams offsrping would increase 100%.
Good luck Namibia and Brangelina with each other.


  1. Lol this post is funny! You know what last year I don't remember the exact date but it was way back when Brangelina still hide their relationship (right after they came back from Africa) They came here to Calgary because Angelina's dad was shooting a movie here or smthg. Calgary is a small city, I mean we are not like LA and New York so whenever a star passes by even a D-List it's always a big deal! So they went to this restaurant called the Verve, it's a very swanky, urban style kind of restaurant so it's still "too cool" for a small city like Calgary but once Brangelina's stepped in it's the new "it" restaurant in town. Noone call it the Verve anymore it's called Brangelina's restaurant now and I think if the owner could put a note on their menu or outside that the Brangelina were here they would just do it for all it's 15 min of fame worth!

  2. yep: Brangelina restaurant, Brangelina nation, I say we ask them to endorse the Mitsio islands as their favorite secluded islands and call it "Nosy Brangelinas" ( it even sounds malagasy): all proceeds from increased profits would go towards eradicating malaria. I think they would go for it and I am not sure if I a joking anymore. Calgary is not a small city :) Now Lafayette, that's small but we have Axl Rose :)

  3. BAMZS (for Brad, Angie et cie) rock !
    if this family come to Mada seriously I'm going to be the first one at the Airport...ok i'm not that crazy but my dad met Michael Douglas at Ivato I nearly killed him for not getting an autograph....
    Somewhere I truly think it's crazy how things are going on nowadays. Media are following celebs wherever they are. For some (but few) of them it's the best way to get people care about some Darfur war or some country named Namibia ... pfff