French open should start with a minute of silence and baby Shiloh is here

The French open starts in a few hours and although I am enthused by the Federer-Nadal budding rivalry, I am sadden by the news from Baghdad that 2 tennis players and their coach had been killed for wearing shorts. Not only is that one of the most mindboggling cause of death, it also emphasizes the mess that is expanding in Iraq as a result of the ill-conceived invasion. I am not quite sure how this situation can be resolved, I am just wondering how some people can go to sleep at night watching this disaster unfold on a daily basis.
On a lighter note, the Brangelina natural offspring is finally here. The name: Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. The question: Has the couple been following the esoteric trend in Hollywood ? Shiloh means either the gift or the "Messiah" in Hebrew. If being expected to be genetically perfect is not hard enough, now baby girl has to bear the expectations that comes with carrying "messiah" as a name....Talk about great expectations.... And knowing Pitt's passion for architecture, is Nouvel a shout-out at the architect or at Jolie's French roots? C'mon guys, the world needs to know this :).

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  1. IT'S FOR JEAN NOUVEL of course...pfff...because Angie is half-quebecoise and half-american so she doesn't have a clue about French architect...and how I know that? because I'm in architecture in MONTREAL and I learned by heart her bio...get a life jogany..