John or Mary ?

Da Vinci 's "Last Supper" captured the moment after Jesus anounced to his disciples that one of them would betray him. Da Vinci was asked to portray the last supper scene as a final goodbye in a serene and nostalgic atmosphere as depicted in previous "Last Supper" paintings. Let's just say that Da Vinci did not quite follow the directives: the disciples are painted as either angry, confused or distraught upon hearing Jesus' words. Plenty of details to focus on in this masterpiece: Judas escariot's face is shadowed and he is holding the money bag for his treason, Judas is reaching for the same piece of bread as Jesus,a mysterious hand is holding a dagger....and of course is it John or Mary Magdalene leaning against Peter?

You can decide for yourself in this great website where you can zoom at will without loss of resolution.

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