Richest Malagasy.....?

So I was skimming through Forbes'list of billionaires in the world. Only Egypt and South Africa have managed to crack the list for Africa. This is actually a good thing, I guess.. It got me thinking: What is the range of the highest personal fortunes in Madagascar and in what business it might be involved ? This is not just morbid unhealthy curiosity on my part (OK, just a little bit :) ) but I believe it is a fair piece of information that is available in the rest of the world ( with names and personal hobbies...). I am obviously not asking for names or exact figures for personal fortunes ( this kind of info would definitely be uncomfortable for the fortunate ones ;0 ) just an approximation. For example: 250 millions in transport (totally made that up, by the way). The purpose: I argued that the real measure of the health of a nation is based on the criteria here and here. This info would complete the painting if you will. So help, please ? If you wish to not put the info in the comment section, you can email me at lova.rakotomalala@gmail.com.
Cheers to our mystery wealthy man/woman.
PS: let's stay clear from former or current government officials, this is not about politics. :)


  1. "stay clear of politics".. mmm. I am not sure it is possible to get rich in MAdagascar without dipping at least a toe in politics. It comes with the territory.
    Anyway, I will be ever grateful to you if you publish here the results of this research , I am dying of curiosity !

  2. >sipakv so far only my cousin replied and he said he had no exact figures but a number of mansions (5) and the section is police custom (?)....
    I think the "stay clear of politics" request makes the info irrelevant :)

  3. Ahhh...only Egypt and S. Africa officially, there's no telling how much some people have illegally squirrelled money into Swiss accounts. Ooops...is this politics? I know, I know, I missed the whole Madagascar point entirely.