Malagasy designers: who would win our project runway ?

A lot has been written about the Malagasy people's handcraftsmanship, may it be in painting, sculpture or fashion design. There are divergent opinions on who is at the top of the malagasy fashion design pyramid. I am not, by any means, a fashion expert. However, there are a few names that I am aware of (as of right now):
So here are your contestants (with their city of residency) for the malagasy "project runmway" contest for best designers (sadly Heidi Klum would not host this imaginary show):
Eric Raisina, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Joel Andrianomearisoa, Paris, France.
Hagamainty, Antananarivo, Madagascar.
Henriette Mirana Abraham (Mirado silks) Antananarivo, Madagascar.
Loa Antananarivo, Madagascar.
Suzanne RAMANANANTOANDRO (MANJAKALANDY) Antananarivo, Madagascar.
Hasina (Novastyl) Antananarivo, Madagascar.
Maki, Groningen, The Netherlands (This is not malagasy but they do ecological shirts and they aknowledge Madagascar with their name).
Raj, Antananarivo, Madagascar.

I hope I have not forgotten too many (some shirts in my closet say I did) . I have only seen from my personal experience the work of 2 of these talented people. So if you know more or would like to share opinions on these talented people, please help enlighten us.

1) thanks to my sis and Jogany for some of the names.
2) malagasy organic chocolate anyone ?
3) Madagascar: Paradise and Hell on earth at once according to this lady.


  1. It's funny to know that you watch Project Runway...In malagasyan (lol) ways it's gonna be about soie sauvage, lin and soga (?)....and I want Drama!

  2. ok Raj sounds like an Indian guy so my vote goes to him :) like my support for the French team... hey there are no Italian Malagasys in the list are there?

  3. il a aussi la maison Gilbert Rakotomanana la célèbre maison de haute couture masculine malgache qui se trouve a la sorti du tunel Analakely. :)G.R était notre Pierre Cardin Gasy, dommage qu'il a été assassiné l'année dernière ... je ne sais pas ce qu'est devenu cette Maison, mais j'espère que le savoir faire du Monsieur à été bien transmis.

  4. Hello Lova
    Thanks to share this with us ! Yes Harinjaka is right even if Gilbert Rakotomanana was more a dressmaker than a designer. Actually his son took the place ! Pff malagasy people are fully talented, not so moramora !;)

  5. > jogany: at first, it would have been the kind of show I would skip but the lady of the house got me hooked on it ;). It's pretty entertaining with the cat fights and the creativity. As you said, most of these entrepreneurs seemed to be working with silk primarily. I am hoping one of them will drop by to claim the title (that would be drama :) ).
    >Mosilager: you are most likely right. The indian community is very active back home in the clothing business so I would bet Raj is of indian descent. I would have to ask our italo-malagasy bloggers about that cuz I do not know.
    >harinjaka: je savais bien que j'avais omis un ponte de l'industrie, merci pour l'info ! Je crois meme avoir perdu mes kanetys dans ce magasin en attendant mon pere il y a bien longtemps de cela. Il a ete assassine ?? triste histoire.....il aura suivi le parcours de Versace jusqu'au bout.

  6. >Hello Casimiri,
    Thank you much for dropping by ! Your comment is spot on as far as the point I was trying to make. We are talented but we also have the drive to succeed as many others have also demonstrated.

  7. Hello! I was just gonna say Gilbert Rakotomanana too. I visited his shop in andohan'analakely last july but oh gosh it's too expensive! I know it's haute couture but still...The thing is: he is probably the only guy I know who's not gay in the fashion design industry. It's sad that he is dead... although his wife is supposed to be a suspect. Now that's some drama for ya !

  8. >Mirana, thanks for coming: you got me thinking, there was a designer shop called "compagnie de Madagascar" back in the day. Wonder if it is still around. That's definitely drama there !

  9. je viens de commenter une trés belle l'article de Tomavana sur Marie-Laure Jaomatana et je me suis rendu compte qu'il y avait ici a marseille une dame styliste qui est assez connu dans la milieu de la mode malgache mais aussi dans le milieu de Miss Manja, je n'ai pas trouvé de site personnel mais il s'agit de Holy Andrianaivoravelona et de sa Marque "Tout sucre tout miel" Elle avait une boutique qui portait le même nom a Marseille mais la boutique a fermé maintenant pour cause de déménagement, car Holy a décidé de s'installer carrément à Paris: Capitale de la mode :)

  10. Hjk,
    merci pour l'info. Je voulais mettre a jour la liste avec Marie-Laure Jaomatana et Holy Andrianaivoravelona mais impossible de changer le post :( ca doit etre un bug de blogger du au new "blogger". Belle liste neanmoins ;).