Cosby show: a malagasy connection

The Cosby show is as "old school" tv as it gets and that is a good thing. Dr. Huxtable, Claire and the kids: Lisa Bonet as Denise (Ah Denise, the guys know what I mean), Theo, Vanessa... I was watching an old Cosby episode called "Vanessa's new class" when the credits for Vanessa's sweetheart Leon Haywood (not the musician) are given to a certain Rado Randriamamonjy :). Hey, this is big news ! This is probably the closest a Malagasy actor have ever been to Hollywood !
So what is Rado up to now ? A little "googling" shows that he was the guitarist of the up and coming rock band "fooling april". Hey, maybe he is Leon Haywood after all! Hey Rado if you are out there, how is Bill Cosby in real life ?

("fooling april", Rado 2nd from left ?)
Here is my favorite Cosby episode on parenting, good grades and unconditional love.
(I love this exchange:" dad, you should love me anyway because I am your son. dad: Theo, that is the dumbest thing I ever heard !")

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  1. My dear Lova,

    Please leave your TV alone. I know it's the week-end but please do me some favor and go meet the sun before it drown into the winter coldness...

    Regards, jogany


  2. Hey Jo,
    Too late for winter cold, 2 degrees here with chill factor at -2. It had to be tv sunday: plus the Indian Colts were playing: 6-0 now ! Superbowl for Indy baby !

  3. Corby Show J'adore aussi, Il y a Fat Albert aussi que j'aime bien dans sa production. Et ça fait plaisir de savoir qu'il y a eu un gasy qui a joué dans sa série.

    Il y a deux jours j'ai découvert une petite communauté de blogueur malgache d'amérique du nord d'environ 150 jeunes Gasy sur FaceBook, t'as regardé si ... non rien :)

    OT. Lyon nous a ruiné, ils sont fort rien a dire :)

  4. j'aime bien écouté la petite radio sur ton sidebar quand je viens te lire ici :) c sympa mec , merci ;)

  5. "écouter" sorry :)

  6. Anonymous7:54 AM

    cosby show j'adore aussi .. just about covers it lol

  7. that's awesome! A malagasy guy on cosby show and nobody ever knew. Forget how Bill Cosby in real life, how is Denise?

  8. >hjk,
    facebook, j'ai decouvert il y a seulement 2 semaines :) mais j'ai rencontre une personne ferue de mada dessus qui m'a prete un CD d'Ambondrona ;)( que je ne connaissais pas) vive le web ! J'etais trop decu en voyant le resultat contre Lyon...le carton rouge n'a pas aide :( De rien pour la radio :) !
    >Isha, very nice of you to drop by. love the Cindy Crawford with braces :)
    > Mosi,
    Ah Denise !( Dreaming away.... ) I think Lenny K. ruined her for all of us ;) because she's been AWOL since...

  9. Hey comme quoi on est partout! Mais si discret :) En tout cas on reste fier de nos compatriotes qui brillent par leur talent, savoir et tout ce qui s'ensuit.
    Même découvert un blog de gasy installés à Tahiti, insulaires que nous sommes!

  10. Now that's fascinating trivia :-)

    Loved the video!! LOL. Never got to watch a lot of Cosby...i need to catch up!!

  11. >tattum
    discretion et savoir :) mais c'est notre devoir de faire entendre la voix des plus discrets ;)
    > Amrita,
    :) See ? you are now ready for your next Alex Trebek quizz. This is literally a one in a million occurence because IMDB.org lists at most 20 people of Malagasy origin and most are in french speaking shows.
    Cosby is a pioneer :). Without Cosby, there is no fresh prince, no edgy show like the wire and I would say no Chris Rock ;)

  12. Peut-être un nouvel ami pour toi:

  13. tattum, on va aller rendre visite a Narilanto ;)

  14. aaaaaah Denise...

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