If I could turn back the hands of time"

"Funny, funny how time goes by[...]
If I could turn, turn back the hands of time... "
R. Kelly

( B. Pitt in "Freddy's nightmare", J.Anniston in "Poltergeist 2", N.Campbell in some informecials, J. Law, C. Dion on Champs-elysees with Drucker, Agassi, S. Sarandon selling acne cream, K. Reeves selling Corn Flakes, C Cox in B. Springsteen music video)

"When will I
will I be famous?
I can't answer
I can't answer that."
( As indicated, then B. Spears on Mickey mouse Club, W Snipes in "Bad", J. Travolta being a nerdy high-school kid, W. Houston selling Canada Dry)

"You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy to
To save your from your old ways...
when you were young" The Killers

(All NBA players as kids: K. Bryant already popular with the ladies, V. Carter in style , T. Duncan already shy, D. Wade working the bowtie before Sean John, J. Williams before he was White Chocolate, D. Nowitzki still choosing between Tennis and Basketball, Shaq already a happy big boy )

So why this post ? (you might ask)
Work is killing me right now so this is my way of protesting my boss's treatment and the unfair lifestyle of the rich and famous: posting pictures of them before they were stars :).
Aren't the kids cute ? My favorites are Ricky martin looking vaguely like Tarzan, G. Clooney as a drag-queen and Celine Dion singing with Drucker: priceless.
If you want the sound that comes with the pictures, the video is over here.
And for those of you too young to remember BROS ( hence the famous "coupe en brosse" haircut), here is a video.
The nonsense post of the month is done, yes !
I can now pretend I am busy again.


  1. Anonymous5:36 PM

    LOL!! That was an amusing trip down memory lane :) Everyone look so happy and innocent!

    Hope work eases up soon for you....

    (And I love that song by The Killers!)


  2. It's a Great Feeling comme mentionne le speaker a la fin du film:) hey, j'ai cru apercevoir Mc Hammer un moment. Non ? avec sa coupe Jazzy Jeff :)

    Le film bross me rappelle aussi les chaussures bross, avec l'espèce de fer qu'il y a au bout pour donner un coup de pieds aux kivindro lol

    Les enfants sont mignon et je vote pour Shaq (George Eddy qui dit derrière "badaboum baby!") :)

    j'aime ton trip, et toi même tu le sais ;)

  3. Hello Amrita,
    Thanks for the wishes. This new of ranting works for me :) I am warming up to the new "Sam's town" album ;).
    Hey Hjk,
    Mc Hammer :) ! Et tu as vu Van Damme qui se prend pour un Backstreet Boy :) ?
    Brossy coco et kiraro brossy pour la "pochade" au lycee :D :) !!!!

  4. Hey, moi je vote pour Céline Dion, avec son noeud pap ! j'adore :P
    Original l'idée de se défouler sur les stars quand on est overbooké. Je prends note en tout cas :D


  5. Coucou Nivo,
    Celine: "Il est si pres de moi, pourtant je ne sais pas, comment l'aimmmmer....." :)
    Ca ne nous rajeunit pas tout ca. Comme defouloir, il y aussi le puncing bag ;). On survit a la demence de son boss comme on peut.

  6. Anonymous11:04 AM

    The Killers were fantastic live...(I hope i'm making you really jealous.. :P)

    Sam's Town takes a while to warm up to....but it's really addictive once you do.

  7. Hey Amrita,
    OK, that's it. I am moving back to the East Coast :). "Jealous" doesn't even start to describe it. :) I felt the same way with Coldplay's "X&Y", a bit dissapointed at 1st and then, totally hooked. Don't you feel like there is a riff in "When you were young" that is just like a coldplay thing ? Sorry I got carried away again.

  8. Anonymous1:10 PM

    X&Y didnt get much of a chance...as TV-Radio bled to death the first single from the album - "Speed of Sound". By the time the album was released...I definitely didnt want to hear it. Then I started giving it a listen and loved it...."Fix you" being one of my favorites.

    (And Coldplay was awesome live too)

    "When you were young" definitely has a coldplay vibe to it...but more than that...I felt a U2 vibe... "War" and "Boy" era.

    Ok....my turn to ramble is over.. ;)

  9. hey Amrita,
    I never understood the overkill on the radio with that one single played over and over.
    It happened to X&Y, it killed the wallflowers with "one headlight" and Pearl Jam with "last kiss" and it is now happening to "The Fray" as well...
    this space has turned into a music thread and I could not be happier about it. :)

  10. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Hi again...
    Yeah...media companies just.dont.get.it!! They think constant play increases sales...maybe so...but the longevity and freshness of the song is compromised. It's the quality versus quantity issue all over again..heh!(maybe i'll blog about this! :P) The Wallflowers were(are) soo good!

    Apologies for hijacking your post about ...errr...what was it about to begin with... ;) (kidding)

  11. Posts are born to be hijacked :) It is, in fact, their sole reason for being. I don't think I know what this post was about anymore either....