Chilling out with the Rays

I have put my fellow blogger friends (and myself) under a bit of stress lately. And for that I apologize. I would like to thank you for the support and the words of wisdom. To divert from the tensed mood, here is a laid back song to savor for an easygoing week-end :):
Ray Lamontagne "Shelter":

" [...] It's not like we planned it
You tried to stay, but you could not stand it
To see me shut down slow
As though it was an easy thing to do
Listen when
All of this around us'll fall over
I tell you what we're gonna do
You will shelter me my love
And I will shelter you"

Here is another relaxing tune for a good kickback time. It's "Crazy Love" by Ray Charles and Van Morrison, an absolute classic.
"Take away my trouble, take away my grief
Take away my heartache, in the night like a thief"

Have a great week-end !


  1. Hi Crazy Love :)

    Thanks for those great songs dawg !really apreciate ! It's the firt time I hear Lamontagne (love that name) and thanks for sharing a great songwriter, I'm really sensitive of this kind of music, U know ... old School acoustic emo ...RiJa Oel'John stuff :)

    The two singers in bottom must be its references of the man in above, kony e ? mitovitovy.

    Music is good and the couple of lyrics on the end of your post is realy "True" Bob Marley said on one of his song, “One good thing about music, when it hits- you feel no pain” and on another sond he said "don't worry, about the thing,'cause every little thing gonna be all right."

    Go Indiana Colt :D

  2. Hjk, "Crazy love" :)
    Music really sooths all the aches and pains :)
    Le style de musique est similaire: old school ;)
    and Bob would be right there on top with "turn your light down low" :)

  3. Geez you kiddin' me? It was so fun ! The guy closed his comments so ... you made a great decision publishing this "special blog drama" post. If you didn't (if you had listened to me lol) they would have polluted every post on MM! ok then...

    But you must NOT forget to NEVER EVER take things personnally on the web or in real life!!! Quit being so cool by the way ... you make it too hard for the haters ! hey love is all around !! It's Valentine's month !

    Bizzz y'all

  4. qu'est ce que la stress? i mean what? is this a malagasy thing?

    trenchtown rock, three little birds and turn your lights down low... awesome!

    all i can say is...
    'taken from africa, brought to america, fighting on arrival, fighting for survival'

  5. > Jo,
    Oh no, not Valentine's day :) ! The supermarkets here are all blue (for Colts football) and pink ( For V-day) already, that's a fashion crime right there :).
    The stress was just in reference to a small rant I had on a Malagasy blog, no biggies ;). To keep up with the Bob Marley reference, someone tried to "stir it up" but there was "one love" and we "freed our mind" :D.

  6. Hey cousin,just take a deep breath and relax man :)
    Life is so short. Pleeeease, stop wasting time with stubborn people for silly reasons.

    Shalom, pour toutes les ethnies à Madagascar :)

  7. Great song Lova, thanks. OK, the Colts won the SB...But I don't think it was the best game ever. Sorry, but the commercials were NOT that great, the game was a little boring AND the half time show was "so so". And the weather man, poor guys! But they won so CONGRATS, Indianapolis!

  8. Manning a ? (maninona a ?) je n'ai pas vu le match mais je viens de lire que Colt à Gagné le 41 ème SB ? c'est pas vrai :)

    Félicitation man !!!

  9. >Vola,
    you are right, Zen is the word from now on :)
    >Malagasy aty california,
    Thank you. I heard Ray Lamontagne in a coffee place and since then I am hooked. The SB started off horribly for Indy but I thought their subdued celebration at the end was very classy.
    > Hjk,
    Misotra letsy e :)
    "Celebrate good times, come on !"
    L'histoire du coach est assez triste. Son fils s'est tue il y a moins d'un an. Mais il est reste stoique dans la douleur et la victoire. Tena Kipling mihisty.

  10. Dear Lova hehe,
    Congrats on the Colts :-) Tsy fety be ve izao any?

  11. Salut Mirana,

    l'euphorie fut de courte duree car le boulot nous ramene a la realite :( And as Malagasy at california said, the new commercials were very disappointing. A big waste of $2,5 millions/sec if you ask me :(

  12. you are new face on toni buntic :D congratulation :)

  13. Seriously ? Cool ! I hope we are on the same row :)

  14. Anonymous11:10 AM

    hello there. please could you tell me the meaning behind the song 'shelter'. thank you.

  15. >anonymous,
    I am not quite sure of the exact message behind "shelter" but here is a hint from his webiste:
    "For LaMontagne, songwriting does not exist as a task that one completes irrespective of whatever else goes on in the life of the songwriter: Instead, the work takes shape and flight as the result of what happens to the songwriter. "Songs come from different places," LaMontagne says. "Some are like exercises. They could be very good songs. But others come from more purely emotional places."