I miss the cyberworld. Yep, I miss it. And I am not ashamed to say it. Don't get me wrong, I could not be more thrilled doing what I do right now but I miss a lot of things about not accessing the web. The routine of opening my google reader, reading new thoughts by familiar and new bloggers. I miss knowing what the world thinks of the crisis in Zimbabwe, the latest break-up in hollywood or odd things such as how much a street dealer really makes selling his poison. Most of all, I miss visiting my fellow bloggers' home, seeing what they are up to. I don't miss ranting as much though. A tiny bit, of course, but not as much as I thought I would. I think what I really miss is reading people's interacting back and forth on a multitude of subjects.
I guess I could do that just as well in a conversation at a dinner table with actual folks. And I will, but you cannot possibly converse about anything with anyone all the time. Within a 1/2 hour with high speed internet, I can follow at the same time a debate on the merit of switching to a hybrid car (with respect to global warming), how hard the latest cyclone Jaya hit Madagascar and pay my bills online.
I might suffer for Attention Deficit Disorder but with the net, I am loving it and indulging at will :).
Well, I now have a full access again so friends, be prepared for a full-throttle spam attack :).

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  1. why does it say that you're browsing from italy? weird. A cyclone called Jaya? That's asking for disaster my friend - Jaya means victory in sanskrit.

  2. Tongasoa eto ami'ny kianja Ra-Lova a ! Dia efa miandry izay voan-dalàna nentinao izahay :D

  3. we miss u to, so welcome back 'ndray :)

  4. >Mosi, Huuuum, Italy ? Maybe it is one way Italy is getting back at Ethiopia when Selassie kicked their collective asses :). Frankly , I have no clue, maybe the UN server for here is there ;). Quite unfortunate, the whole Jaya naming-thing. since english will soon be an official language in Madagascar, maybe we ought to add a few more to prevent this kind of mishap ;). I vote for Chinese and Hindi ( not a biased opinion at all :D )
    >Misotra an' Tomaavana, be izay tsy arako izay aminy tsy fisin' internety :(
    > Hjk, I too am so glad that your blog is up and running again. Now I will just have to lobby with the "sis in Montreal" to get back to bloggin and all will be well.
    What's the saying ? "you don't know what you have got until i't gone..."

  5. Hey Lova,

    Comme quoi, l'adsl est un luxe hein! :)
    La première fois que tu pars loin du haut-débit, ça fait drôle, avec un vrai goût de manque, aah des drogués!
    Puis tu te fais une raison..

    Si ça peut te rassurer, la blaogasfera ne dort pas mais tous semblent assez occupés. Pour mieux repartir. :)

  6. Tattum, C'est d'ici que je me rends compte que ma page d'acceuil est tres lourde :(. Il va falloir nettoyer tout ca.... On va se reprendre de plus belle bientot. J'ai un truc pour MM en stock :).

  7. Lova - However late this comment might be...please know that you were missed :)

  8. That's so sweet Amrita,
    but not as much as I missed the "musings on music and life" ;). Spectacular photos, BTW, really.

  9. but i dont understand how you get the internet in those places. do you have a GPRS phone or go to cybercafés?

  10. >Heri,

    I am not sure I understand your question. Jo'burg and Nairobi are well provided in high-speed internet facilities but my work had me on the move quite a bit so the opportunities to surf the web were scarce.
    Addis is less fortunate with internet.