Before and After...

I was desperate for a moment a lightness after a somber past month: HIV/AIDS trip, Virginia Tech massacre, alleged attempted assassination of the Malagasy president and low-blow attacks in the French presidential debate.....
The moment of relief came when my dad and my sister decided to attend a custom party in St-Marteen. My dad channeled his inner Rastafari and my sister went as a Persian belly-dancer. Here are the "before and after" pictures of them.


Priceless, no ?
If Sarkozy wins the French election, I wonder whether they will ever let them enter (metropolitan ) France ever again.... :D. Oh well, the laughs were well worth it. :D
OK, one more picture for the road. Check out the flip-flop and the Walers shirt :). Nice tribute to Bob, dad !

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  1. Hahaha! :) That's soo cool. They both look awesome. And I love your dad's sandals...


  2. Jah Rastafari! Get them crazy baldheads. awesome stuff.

  3. Anonymous9:25 AM

    la maroquinerie en totale deliquescence!!!

  4. Malagasy aty California9:34 AM

    Right on!
    Carpe diem...They sure know how to have fun!

  5. > Hey Amrita,
    My dad would appreciate that you noticed his sandals :D. They really had to dig deep for those :).
    > Mosi,
    St-Marteen is not a bad place for a break :), Rastafari, beaches and insane Malagasies ;)
    > Anonymous, :)
    Cest au tour de La Sri Lankanerie de prendre le relais de la
    Maroquinerie (ou plutot Maroccinerie)
    > MaC,
    Fun they had :). Not as much my dad's colleagues though when they saw him...:)

  6. Cool site! I will come visit you frequently...Work hard!!