Nostalgie Mahaleo

The Mahaleo concert series @ l'Olympia are now history. I still cannot get over the fact that I did not go. I have been waiting anxiously for posts or emails from friends who attended and who then would tell me how flipping awesome it was.
Well, as the saying goes "à defaut de grives, on mange des merles". So here are two clips:
1) the first one, kids singing "ferapara", is posted on http://www.mahaleoalolympia.com/ entitled "l'esprit Mahaleo" ( I could not agree more)

2) the second one, "amin'ny anaran'ny ray..", was posted by Harinjaka who is currently rubbing elbows with global leaders in Arusha.

Both clips are making me...well, I cannot possibly describe how I feel but if you lived in Madagascar as a a child, you know exactly what I mean. ( Joy, distress and ecstasy all at once)
So if you went to the concert, for those unfortunate ones,please pretty please, share a bit of the magic, we are begging here.

PS: 1) That kid in the 1st video (with the hat, the T-shirt that says: "nul n'est parfait" and smoking cigarettes), I knew that kid and I am sure you knew him too (or someone like him). He was that kid that was always around your circle of friends and you did not know why, but you missed him dearly when he was not there.

Some lyrics if you feel like singing along:

Mbola zazakely ialahy tamin’izay
Tokony ho telo taona na efa-taona teo
Tsy mahatsiaro tena
tsy mahafantatra ny tany

Indray andro maty tampoka ny dadan’ialahy
Rafahafatesana mandondom-baravarana
noheverin’ialahy fa hitondra kilalao

amin'ny anaran'ny ray:

Aleonay vavaky tena malagasy
Toy izay irony vavaka noferina avy any an-dafy.
Aleonay vavaka tena malagasy
Toy izay ny vavaky ny vazaha be taim-parasy
Dia manao hoe:

Au nom du pera, et du masera, et du mopera, du sefo frera:
Amena! amena! amena!
Au nom du pera, et du masera, et du mamera, et du mopera:
Amena! amena! amena!


  1. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Oh, dear! This one was tough. Tough to the heart, tough to the mind, tough to the skin. I have tried to remain rational all the way through "Amin'ny anaran-dray", listening to the harmony of their voices, and the sound of the guitar. In vain. I was overwhelmed by emotion after 3 seconds. It all came back to mind: our beloved feux de camp, with vary amin'ny anana, lasopy laisoa and the magic of having friends who played guitars like little gods, our voices which surprisingly sounded harmonious, warmed by friendship, celebrating a simple fact: we are singing together on the land of our ancestors.
    Oh, yes, watching this video made me cry: it was a call from home. And since it also got my father emotional, there we were: two malagasy, lost in the Caribean, watching a little video with some rebellious youngsters singing some years ago, in a way even our deads would listen and hear their hearts beat again. Mahaleo and Dada's wickedness, Mahaleo and Fafa's infatuating voice, Mahaleo and Dama's joy, Mahaleo and Bekoto's rebelion....Mahaleo lives under my skin. Thank you Harinjaka, thank you Lova fpr bringing back our singing giants back to life!.

  2. :D
    Sorry, sis, lost wi-fi earlier...
    here's another one for the memory:
    Thiera bruno, ity irako ity:

  3. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Great, this one was mine for Tati Lydie. And since we're talking about friendship, watch this one from Tsiakoraka


  4. was that the song you kept singing on the way to school ?

  5. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Yes, and I loved the way it tells how enriching friendship can be: "Namana ireo tena namana, solon'ny drala, tsy mba nanana".
    But there was Lolo sy ny tariny's "Raha mankany ialahy" and Mahaleo's "Elatra" too. Spent all night on Rajefra's site, dancing on Thiera Bruno "Ka tianao va?" and great Rocka Gasy Iraimbilanja "Zazavavy". Remember "Tao an-tsekoly"? "Ireo mpampianatra nilaza fa hoe: tsy mahay, allez mandohalika ela beeeeeeeee"! Izany ka rocka!

  6. :D, "misy foana, ny fotoana..."

  7. that moved me a lot. a pure joy.

    i owe you a lot. thanks!

  8. You are very welcome :).
    Credits must go to those who uploaded the videos though (namely hjk and rajefra). I am merely a transmitter

  9. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Still on Mahaleo's videos website. Among homesickness and joy, can't help smiling at comments posted by "Mahaleo nostalgia"-stricken students in France:

    This is Ando:

    "Andao hody daholo rangahy an! kaozy e! Tena revy any a madagasikara ao zany e!"

    There goes another one:
    "Raha tsy teo tokoa ise nanao ahoana re" (the commented song is "Isekely", by the way)

    And of course, tons of "Misaotra fa milay e!"...

    Happy feedback from the Olympia concerts (especially a fantastic duo of Dada and Fafa) are driving me nuts! Anyone charitable enough to post 3 seconds of the jamboree on a web somewhere. Puh-lease!

  10. Anonymous8:27 PM


    Found "Jamba" on the excellent Gasykamanja.com. It's late here, but the bonfire goes on!!!


  11. So you got feedback from the concert ? Where where ? :D
    I knew you would be looking for jamba everywhere....

  12. This is gonna be a OT one for me because Friday is about to begin and I'm fed up w/ work and I don't have a clue about Mahaleo . Actually yes cuz I'm from the same island than you but you guyz are the Ultimate Mahaleo Fans...cannot compete w/ that !.
    So Lova, since I left the blog-world for a while (yessss 4 months is huge in Blogging espace-temps !) I need some time to adjust myself so don't be too hard on me, ok? Though if you've made shorter to catch up but since you are THE "global voices" guy, snif, I have to use my entire brain to understand and post on them. Btw your CSS skills have upgraded a lot ! no kiddin....or just a little bit...maybe...


  13. Joan,

    you take all the time you need, Jo :). As long as you promise to return to web.jogany.com. :)
    Can'take credit for CSSing. It's all someone else's work :D

  14. Laterit12:22 PM

    Hey Lova, you can buy the longbox (CD+DVD set) of the Olympia concerts at http://www.mahaleo.com
    The soundmix is amazing, and the emotion is real, almost as if you had been there... The DVD is compatible worldwide and includes subtitles (French, English and Malagasy for karaoke)

  15. Thank you laterit,
    I will make sure to check out the DVD set and encourage friends to do so as well.