Blogday: 5 posts

As suggested by Jo on blogday, here are 5 posts (instead of 5 blogs):

1) Edge of sports: "Ali at 65" Dave Zirin.
"Muhammad Ali's brilliance was not that he was some kind of antiwar prophet. He wasn't Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr. in boxing gloves, debating foreign policy between rounds. But unlike the Ivy League advisers who made up the "best and brightest," Ali understood then that there was justice and injustice, right and wrong. He knew that not taking a stand could be as political a statement as taking one. This was Ali's code, and he never wavered.[...] At one press conference later that year, he was expected to apologize for his "un-American" remarks. Instead he said, "Keep asking me, no matter how long. On the war in Vietnam, I sing this song, I ain't got no quarrel with the Vietcong. Clean out my cell and take my tail to jail. 'Cause better to be in jail fed than to be in Vietnam dead."

2) "Three Things You Don't Know About AIDS in Africa" Emily Oster
"First, the fact that Africa is so heavily affected by HIV has very little to do with differences in sexual behavior and very much to do with differences in circumstances."

3) Bush owes us an apology by bloggerman
"It is never unacceptable to think.

And when a President says thinking is unacceptable, even on one topic, even in the heat of the moment, even in the turning of a phrase extracted from its context, he takes us toward a new and fearful path -- one heretofore the realm of science fiction authors and apocalyptic visionaries."

4) "Petasse" Cathy B.
"je te raconte pas la galere pour les perdre....enfin tu vois, du coup je te comprends trop bien"

5) Beating extreme poverty: how Madagascar does it. Worldbank ( Caroline Blanchard)

"programs that attack extreme poverty should build a new social contract that allows those who endure it (and other excluded people) to take an active role in revamping the institutions that redistribute assets and contro ldecision making. Programs and projects will not work if people trapped in chronic poverty do not participate."


  1. whatttt you beat me on the clock!!!
    I'm en train de writing my post and you beat me......i hate you so much I wish you waste your time ranting elsewhere....
    kiddin of course
    but I'm still mad

  2. hi Lova
    Beating extreme poverty link is priceless :) thanks for the sharing

    je viens de me rendre compte que Jogany viens de multiplier par 5 les articles qu'ont lis sur les blogs participants :D

    Heureusement que ... c'est le week-end ...

    bon week end daholo !

  3. Non mais guyz ! I needed some entertainment...I work on Labour Day .... these posts are VITAL to keep me alive...

  4. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Thank you Lova (I know, it's my first comment... but most times I come I read your post, think: wow, then can't think of anything smart to comment!, but today:) you've turned me into an addict of: Le blog d'une Grosse (les autres sites étaient/sont tout aussi bons, mais là, maintenant, j'ai besoin d'un moment ludique! :D

    Hope you are well, not working tooooooo hard, that the rest of your fam is well, etc. lol


  5. Hi Lova !

    Just having a look from time to time on your blog and want to drop some thanks for the link about extreme poverty. Hjk is right, it's priceless !!!! thank you for sharing and good continuation

  6. @Insane mind,
    probably repeating myself but Joeyx anniv !

    Hello there !
    I thoroughly enjoyed your take on bi-nationality :). If I may, crjo stands for ...?

  7. Just a nickname I inherited from high school. It was first sergio and became Crjo at the end : )