Do not associate FOKO with your misguided agenda.

The global blogosphere is a very dynamic place to be. FOKO has been online for only less than a week now and the greetings we received have been quite overwhelming. We are quite honored and we will do our best to be worthy of such a warm welcome. However, the blogosphere is also a place of total freedom of expression which is its greatest strength but also its greatest weakness.
One misguided website used the name of our project and our banner to make the very sad and idiotic point that Madagascar and Africans in general would be better served if our people were sterilized. the author figures that somehow that would be the solution for ending deforestation and health care problems. All of you have figured that this person's diatribe is not worth spending more of your time. We also thought so. However, we could not stand the fact that our new cherished project would be associated indirectly with a message of hate, an insult to all Africans and mankind in general. Advocating for letting Africans die is not acceptable and we will not stand for Foko to be in the vicinity of such idiotic rethoric. So we ask one more time that the author of the post removes our name and our banner from his website. If as he claims, he really cares about Africa, he would do us a major favor by just ignoring FOKO, the project we pour our hearts and minds into. We would gladly return the favor and ignore your incoherent perspective on Madagascar and Africa in general.

Sir, we understand that it is your right to express your point of view, however pathetic it might be and misuse our work in the process. It's not too late to do the right thing: REMOVE the FOKO banner from your website.


  1. yeah... FOKO that!!!

  2. Anonymous10:33 PM

    I second that.

  3. Lova,

    That's OUTRAGEOUS!
    I don't even know why you bothered leaving a comment at his blog. He just doesn't know anything about the world, just his hate for and Africans and Muslims.

  4. C'est de bonne guerre mais ce n'est pas ta guerre....

  5. @Mosi:
    Agreed. I hesitated to respond but I strongly felt that I could not just ignore it.
    @ Jo, please explain the "get busy" part

  6. well you made you point and made mine (4 hours later lol) you wrote a beautiful post on deforestation here www.foko-madagascar.org/

    what a sain way to get busy...lol

  7. In many parts of the world it is considered humane to keep the population of deer or bear or any species of animal to environmentally stable levels for the benefit of the animals themselves so that they have enough food and space to live well.

    Of animal welfare people who wanted to keep them to a sustainable population size, would you say they hated animals? Obviously not. So why would you say I hate Africans when it is obvious that I want less misery and suffering?

    The suffering of Africa is because its population is exploding with more people than Africa itself can afford to feed or care for. Africa does not need more Africans. Sounds harsh?

    In any other realm of modern civilization, if one had an infected foot that threatened the entire body, there would be no hesitation in cutting off that which could kill you. There would be no cries or anguish that the doctor hated the foot, but rather loved the patient.

    Africans: this will be harsh for you to hear, but just as a doctor has to be honest to save his patient: you are making yourselves and your fellow Africans miserable. The solution to not enough food and not enough land is LESS people. And just as the patient does not want to hear that his foot must be removed, you refuse to see that the proper medicine, the right solution to the problem of Africa, is fewer Africans.

    I do not say it because I cannot abide Africans, but because I cannot abide human suffering. How is it that I, thousands of miles from all that misery, feel the pain of Africans, and yet you, you who suffer there, close your eyes to the obvious?

  8. Aaaah ce bon vieux Malthusianisme doublé de cette bonne vision qu'en dehors de l'Occident tout n'est que dévastation et misèèèère.

    C'est combien la densité de Madagascar déjà ?

  9. @Vola,
    :), je crois que Hjk a les chiffres exacts mais 32 habitants /km2 ce qui ferait de madagascar 171eme /230 en densite. De vrais sardinnes ;)
    @Bernie sir,
    you are right, you ARE a thousand miles away from the reality of Africa, probably never actually lived in Africa so that gives you very little credentials to discuss Africa doesn't it ? You are also right about stopping aid in Africa. Africa is ready for business, aid is what people who don't know anything about Africa are still worrying about.
    Your pathetic attempt at a straw man argument with your analogy with the bear population says everything we need to know about you. Your logic is faulty and you compare Africans to either animals or an infected foot. The only infection I see right now is you. Productivity by habitants in many parts of Africa is higher than in some parts of your own country. Return on investment in Africa is higher than in the US or Israel. You can compare us to bear or deer if you want but even a donkey would not have a worse argument than your bear/infected foot analogy. I guess that makes you a dumb ass (donkey). Fortunately, there are not many of your kind in the world. But thank you for dropping by and making clear to everyone how stupid you really are.

  10. So Bernie, according to you Africans are just another species of animals. And what about you, who cannot use brains the way it should be? Sorry, Lova has already answered this.

    You said, "In any other realm of modern civilization, if one had an infected foot that threatened the entire body, there would be no hesitation in cutting off that which could kill you. There would be no cries or anguish that the doctor hated the foot, but rather loved the patient."

    See, you haven't used your brain. Have all the people suffering from threatening transmittable diseases in your country been exterminated, because they are a foot that threatens the whole body? No, millions of dollars are spent in researching remedies to those diseases instead. Have you suggested your solution to your country? No, of course not! Because those people are not another species of animals!

    Some of your readers may be conned by your "sensitivity" or your "love", but not the discerning ones. By the way, to use your analogy, you and and your kinds are a gangrenous foot the world should be rid of.

  11. InsaneMind5:05 PM

    Lova: I think it's unlikely to be anything but a "dialogue de sourd" (ton interlocuteur n'en ferra toujours qu'à sa tête, qu'importe si tes propos sont évidemment corrects, logiques ou tout simplement plus humains - il est sourd à qui que ce soit qui le contredit). Je sais que d'ignorer n'est pas toujours idéal, est n'est pas non plus la solution, mais je pense que tout visteur (régulier) de son site est surement assez... simpliste dans sa logique et surement sourd au fait qu'il existe un monde au delas de chez lui...

    Cela dit, je pense que ce que tu as fait est très honorable - tu as défendu ton point de vu. Mais de lire ses propos... C'est très... déprimant! (de voir que quelqu'un pense comme ça!)

    Go on with your (bad - as in good) self, and ignore the nonsense and ignorance.

    (excuse toutes fautes... je suis légèrement HS :)