from virtual to real life and vice versa

I am back in Indiana and I noticed that the rants suffered a bit of blog fatigue.
New York was a blast. One of the reason why it was so fulfilling beside the fact that I got to be around my family again, was that I met a lot of people that I only knew virtually before. It's human nature to try to picture someone before you actually meet them. I met 4 people I only corresponded to the past week and they all turned out to be engaging, passionate and kind people. This is not just lip service, I truly wish I had time to exchange more thoughts with all of them.
It got me thinking about the people I was fortunate to have met previously and whom I have totally lost contact with. I spend most of the time on the bumpy flight back to Indy trying to remember the name of my grade school friends and other people I was once very close to who have vanished from my life.

I know this is highly improper of me to name these people here because: 1) they had their reason not to want to keep in touch 2) there are specialized websites to help one find lost acquaintances 3) the rest of you guys don't care.
However, I have tried some the other stuff ( "copains d'avant", "facebook", etc...) and it just did not work (apparently not everyone is "google-able" yet or spilling their life on the web for everyone to see like me :) ).
So if you know the wherabouts of some of these guys, just let them know I said "Hi" ( or "Ka ahona e ?" ) :). And if you "googled" your name and landed here ( no need to be embarassed, it's just good practice in these days and age :D ), well, it's real good to see you again :)

Thierry Razanahoera, Hery Rakotoson, Linda Rakotovao, Annouck Wagner, Holisoa Rasamoelina, Alain Van Waerbeke, Dominique Olivier, Caroline Dohmeyer, Salma Casamechenai, Jean-Francois Attiobe, Stephane Greiner, Francois Levesque, Naseem Taright, Jimmy Razafimadimby, Rija Rajaobelina, Jose K. Hung, Sandra Rohr, Vanessa Koziner, Laurent Lissouba.
(apologies for any mispellings).

Please, know that this is not meant to be a reckless name-dropping initiative, it is merely an attempt to reconnect with people from the past who at some point in time I was friend with; a time when internet did not exist ( as far as I am concerned).
update: this is going quite well so far :), and inspired by To, here is a classic song I used to listen to over and over in that period of my life: "message in a bottle" ( quite fitting, isn'it?)


  1. another evidence if it was ever needed how small the Malagasy world is : je reconnais trois noms !!!
    Ha ha ha.

  2. Now, you are just trying to scare me :D. I am trying to guess which names you recognized. Seriously, what are the odds ?

  3. Cool la bouteille à la mer ... je ne reconnais personne mais juste te faire un chti coucou en passant :)

  4. it's too much fun. je t'envoie ca par mail.

  5. Coucou To ,
    Bouteille a la mer etait le titre initial du post :).
    hum, we officially entered the twilight zone :). I am afraid to ask what would happen if you ever throw your own message in bottle :)...
    We need "the Police" and we need it now.

  6. Hey I know a few of those names...

    ...j/k :P

    Good luck with the search!!

  7. Try Orkut/MySpace/Friendster as well.

  8. @Amrita,
    "Hey I know a few of those names"
    stranger things have happended :).
    I tried Orkut, I am getting over my myspace mental block :).

  9. Oh cousin, Linkedin, ça marche pas mal non plus :)

    Sinon dans ta liste, je connais personne. (tout le monde s'en fout mais je voulais étaler mon ignorance)

    J'aurai des millions de choses à raconter sur les "Copains d'avant" qu'on a la malchance de retrouver et de n'avoir plus rien à leur dire mais comme je bloggue sous mon vrai nom je vais m'abstenir. Ahahahaha :)

  10. @cousine,
    Ah, le syndrome maudit de tout adolescent malgache du "tsisy sujet resahana tsony" :). Des soirees cauchemardesques a se dire" ce silence devient bien pesant" :D.
    je connaissais pas linkedin...

  11. methinks I would like to meet Dominique Olivier... or other random hot sounding girl.

  12. To the best of my recollection, Dominique Olivier is a man, baby !
    Granted things can change...

  13. zis ees why i gave up learning french... too many damn exceptions to the rule!

    I thought Dominic would be a guy while Dominique would be a girl.

  14. Je ne suis pas une convaincue que le blog mène à tout, mais il m'a permis de retrouver des amis et connaissances d'antan... :)

    Des noms familiers des années lycée. :) S'il s'agit du même Jimmy, pour peu qu'il habitait sur la route du mausolée, on a échangé il fut un temps, partageant la filière de bio marine/océano..

  15. @Tattum,

    Helas je ne me rappelle plus ou Jimmy habitait. On etait a la fac a Toulouse emsemble.

  16. Anonymous5:47 PM

    (I took so long to figure out how and what to comment on the more recent posts - that's when they ask me why I'm quiet at the table... I'm slow, it's not my fault - that I decided to comment on an archived post and look less the fool): hope you found some! :D (argh)


  17. Bonjour Lova,
    C'est Mirana, de la 4ème1 et 3ème 1 qui t'écris. Et on aurait pu se croiser à Stan où j'ai fait 3 ans de prépa en 94.
    Bref, je ne fais pas partie du 1er cercle des amis que tu recherches, mais je suis tombée par hasard sur ton blog en googlisant Linda.
    J'essaie d'organiser un déjeuner avec elle et Anouk depuis maintenant 2 ans... sans succès. Ah la la, la vie parisienne.

    Ton blog est vraiment très intéressant. Je repasserai pour avoir des nouvelles.
    Je t'imagine bien en chercheur. Bravo et bonne continuation.