Back to school: Iraimbilanja and Santeria.

The coming week is going to be heavy in mileage: NYC, then Winsdor, Ontario and finally UIUC, Il.
So I am bracing myself for the storm by listening to a few oldies.
I will start with one that my sister ( the ranting rakoto) likes to sing whenever we meet. Tao an-tsekoly by Iraimbilanja. She really gets into it, it's quite a treat to watch. Just like her, those guys in the video seemed to have a good time singing along. You got to love a band who call itself "one cent" but come up with such a giddy melody. You probably recognize a few of the guest singers ( Samoela, Bodo, Poopy, Kiaka)

h/t to scjo8416)
If you want to sing along, here is your chance:
"Nisy foana ny fotoana
Ifanenantsika isan'andro
Tao an-tsekoly
Lay mpampianatra anakiray
Tsaroako tsara izy izay
Nalaza nasiaka
'lay mpampianatra nilaza fa hoe
Ise tsy mahay allez mandohalika ela be
allez mandohalika ela be"

That last verse brings memory of the cold sweats I used to have when I heard tales from the 7emeC class of Mr Benetti in ESCA. He was notoriously famous for his strict discipline and physical punishments. [He passed away a couple of years ago, may his soul rest in peace.]

Another song built in the same mold as Tao an-teskoly for mood enhancement :) is Santeria by Sublime.

The melody is fun and I am always partial to music videos that have a doggies as the centerpiece. Plus, they have that one guy as Sancho who is also the president in the "5th element" and the scary dude in "Friday". We all know an actor like that, one we have seen before but we just cannot remember their names.

Have a great uplifting week-end !


  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Week-end uplifted!

    Oh, those fond memories of ESCA's good life, every monday's anthem with the unforgettable Mr Razakamahaleo, and endless songs in the tiny "La Chapelle".

    Our "mpampianatra" deserve a vibrant tribute: overcrowded classrooms (we were 63 in 7emeB), bad copybooks, DTT smelling classes, mandatory Nivaquine swallowing time for everyone, some had to yell to make themselves heard, others pointed their pen down to pronounce the mandohalika sentence, and most of them used that silver squared ruler on fingers and bottoms...Mr Beniti frequently used his right foot...His classes regularly scored 98% at the "CEPE-6ème" exam.

    So let's cheer up for the Ramose sy Madama masiaka be: Ramalagasy (sa moa Ramaladoma?), Mme Sophie (French-6emeII) , Mme Berthe (9emeB), Mme Paula (english-6emeII) and so many, who taught us "to love where you are, who you are with, and what you do".

    Thanks, Broz'

  2. Ca me scie que tu te rappelles de tout ca :)
    63 en 7emeB ? C'etait 7emeB alors..

  3. Anonymous8:23 PM

    ouh la. I remember Ramaladoma, Mme Sophie, Mme Berthe, Mme Paula. Mme Monique, Mr "Dapista", Mme Nivo... Et en Terminale : Kwan en physique, Papa en Maths, Gisele en Anglais, Francis en histoire... Oh la la. Nostalgie Nostalgie.

  4. Anonymous12:57 PM

    @ anon,

    What year was that ? Because I vaguely remember those names but I am not sure I had them as teachers.