Oct. 17th: Ranomafana/ Kelilalina vs Poverty

a new football: $0
candles for vigil: $0
repaired water pump: $0
Notebooks and pens: $0

Playing together and standing up against hardship: priceless

Click here for more photos and reports on Foko activities on the international day to overcome poverty.


  1. Keep up the good work guys !

  2. Let's remind the upcoming nights to catch a 5-minute talk on skype:
    - "what about your health? how much do you need? WHAT????
    - we're broke man - can you just feed yourself with ramanonaka and keep the money for internet connexion?
    - Joan stop calling at insane hours (oups I thought you were in Kelilalina too Lova)
    - Hjk did you really need to make the Mayor drink THB?
    - Mialy what? is this paper for right now? like in "right now?"
    - what are you guyz doing again? blogging is not that difficult .....hmmm