Adam Sandler's song: the Malagasy version

The video above is the “Happy Chanukah” song written by Adam Sandler where he lists all the Jewish celebrities in show-business. The song is catchy and a lot of fun to sing when you are a bit tipsy. In fact, we made our own version to celebrate our good friend Channakah’s origins on his birthday (He is from Sri Lanka and I will spare you the disastrous lyrics we came up with).

Since I had a little too much to drink last night, I figure I will come up with another version that celebrates the semi-celebrities that are somewhat linked to Madagascar.

The song does not make sense at all if (your mind is clear and) you have not listened to the Sandler's song beforehand. Either way, you will probably want the 2 mins of your life you spent reading his and for that, I apologize. The lesson here: if you look for "food for thoughts", you came to the wrong place. For total nonsense, please grab a chair and make yourself at home. ( Oh, and if you know other hidden Malagasy in show-biz, I'd love to the info)
So here goes, to the tune of Adam Sandler’s song (part II):

Andaho ihira isika oa,
Arabaina fa misy gasy ialahy,
So much fun oa,
No mitady gasy somary malaza,

When you feel like the only kid in town/
Who is from a far away country/
Here is a list of people who were born there as well/
Just like Mama Lisy/

Noemie Lenoir’s/
Mother was born in Tana,/
She is a top supermodel,
Just like Nemcova /

Laura Flasquel/
is also a model/
if you offer her tequila/
she will tell you veloma/

The best tennis player ever/
from our dear country/
Is Catherine Suire/
Not our national Dally/

Andaho ihira isika oa,
Arabaina fa misy gasy ialahy,
So much fun oa,
No mitady gasy somary malaza,

She is conquering NYC/
With her voice so raspy/
No one can tell where she is from/
But Razia Said is Malagasy/
(h/t to sipakv)

Sarkozy ?/
Not a Gasy/
But guess who was
former French PM Raymond Barre/
(correction: Barre ws born in La Reunion)

Urban legend says/
That Slash is ½ gasy/
But the guitarist from Guns and Roses/
Is more likely Israeli/
Andaho ihira isika oa,
Arabaina fa misy gasy ialahy,
So much fun oa,
No mitady gasy somary malaza,

bet he's gasy/
Benarrivo ?/
I think not but
it sounds like he might be/

Les surfs/
sure they are gasy/
But Guess what ?/
So is Donne Roberts/

Andaho ihira isika oa,
Arabaina fa misy gasy ialahy,
So much fun oa,
No mitady gasy malaza oa,


  1. i don't get it man...
    I drink as much as you (even more) and I'm not ABLE to pull out A word on ANY post ...
    What is it you take? not rita i guess (lol sipakv)...

    ok im tired in OT as usual
    gonna sleep now

  2. Le temps d'une seconde, en lisant Rabesandratana, je pensais que tu faisais allusion aux "encyclopédie" du monde marin malagasy. Mais qui sait, c'est peut-être un de leurs petit-fils..

    Sinon je découvre Razia.

  3. Pallll!!
    Tell me you didn't forget?!?!?
    It's OUR show tonight!!! you know you know you know you know....let's celebrate.
    Of course anyone can join, it's THE VICTORIA SECRET FASHION SHOW!!!!


  4. Jo,
    a few tips for "Blogging while drinking": start with Irish coffee, then have doliprane handy ( as well as a air sickness bag, you never know) :D
    you bet VSFS wil be tivo'ed, just in case disaster strikes.

    Welcome back from the fatherland!
    Razia est une artiste de grande classe. Helas, ma connaissance du monde marin se resume a ce que je lis sur ton blog et le phytoplancton qu'on doit analyser de temps en temps.
    par contre le foot...;)

  5. Oh my God !
    I am sooo looking forward to those tournees generales you are gonna treat Joan and me to. This song is hilarious, Lova. Very funny. How many martinis to get to this creativity ?
    Now you have to sing it next time I see you. And we'll play beer games too, and the winner will be FOKO Madagascar.

  6. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I only sing duets :D. So you will have to help (keep them ritas coming as Jo said) ;). I also heard from reliable sources that Sarko wanted us to know that although he is not Gasy, he secretly wished he were, just because dzama is so much better than whatever liquor he shared with Putin.

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  8. *************** Vendredi OT **************

    VSFS is on December the 5th and not the other night !
    lets karaoke over this special night! And yes I'm a girl who loves curvy women, j'assume!

    **************** OT *****************

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  10. Jo,
    YES, Dec 5th, it is then.
    mojitos: check.
    microphone: check
    salary guide for top-models: check.
    JT dancing moves: check
    PG-13 jokes: check.

    Get the ear muffins ready !