A Call for Solidarity from Diana of the Foko Blog Club

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A brief background on Diana: Diana is a high-school student in Mahajanga. You can learn more about her on her weblog. Original post starts here

Many of you already read about the sad story of the one year-old baby Kamba Antefindrazana born with a congenital malformation. It was Diana Chamia who first wrote about the family's plight when she started blogging at FOKO_Mahajanga and wrote: “Help me Help them”. She promised the mother to do whatever she can to find a solution for the baby. Since then, many of her friends relayed her tremendous initiative and discussed ways to support her efforts. All the actions undertaken that are related to this story have been summarized here at Malagasy Miray.

Today we can start our global call for solidarity after the first surgeon in Mahajanga accepted to take care of the family and is planning to move them to Antananarivo for a better diagnostic evaluation. This trip needs your financial support and the committe is aiming to raise 500$ for the first fundraising effort. There will also be medical costs and daily expenses for the family since Kamba has a healthy twin sister and another big sister that her mother Goergine has to take care of.
We will update you regularly as the project proceeds and we will share all the available informations we receive.Diana and Mahajanga young students will put to good use their training as citizen journalists.
FOKO Madagascar will be in charge of the online fundraising and will direct your donations to Jean and Bako RAZAFINDAMBO who already very generously contributed with their time and assets . We can’t thank you enough for your help and support to this family and baby Kamba. Everyone involved has already spent countless time and energy on networking and brainstorming and for that, we want to thank them. If you happen to be in Madagascar and available to help out, please contact us .

From Diana Chamia, Kamba’s family and the committee

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