Rising Voices Projects: highlights and locations

Highlights from the incredibly real snapshots of everyday lives from all over the world through the Rising Voices projects:

"Reality at the University / Realidades en la Universidad" by Catalina Restrepo from the Hiperbarrio project in Colombia.

"It was close to 11:20 when several explosions were heard. The class continued and the teacher insisted that we should concentrate.
From one moment to the next, the explosions were closer together and people were leaving their class rooms looking for safer places, since the building where I am usually found is one of the most affected when events of this magnitude take place suddenly. [..]
We hadn’t been sitting even five minutes, when we saw up close some hooded and masked men and we even thought that they might be coming towards us. They moved on and some meters beyond they exploded something that made a very big noise."
The Life post-elections in Kenya by Dennis Kimambo from Repacted, Nakuru, Kenya.

"The political crisis might be over in terms of the fighting but if the issues that caused are not addressed it might go back to that situation and even be far more worse than it was. Because communities have armed themselves and are ready for anything. Nakuru is safe and things are slowly getting back to normal but more than 12000 displaced families are within the town area, which has become a security threat to the residents."
El Alto, by Monica Ticona of Voces Bolivianas
This community sits on the border with the Republic of Peru between the markers 23 and 28. The climate is frigid and the residents raise cattle. There are vast pamapas, but with very little vegetation. The people work from sunrise until sunset. For the residents fo the community there are no Sundays or holidays.

"A life with Dowry Problem" by Golam Sujon in Bangladesh with a View, Nari Jibon.
"After being pregnant, Manik started to behave with me very rough. We heard that Manik would go abroad but he did not tell me or us anything. One day he was not returning from his workplace. Later we heard that he left Bangladesh and went Saudi Arab. He did not communicate with me or us. My parents communicated with Manik’s family and started to solve the problem. After a long discussion Manik parents agreed to take her as their son’s wife instead of 70,000 taka as dowry. My father paid 40000 taka and in the time I gave birth to a female child and I became sick. My father had to spend about 25000 taka due to my sickness but none of my law’s family member came to see me or my daughter."

"XO-laptop and Internet issues" by blogging since infancy, Uruguay.

"We can not upload images to make slideshows.
It takes a long time to load images.
We are not able to see the videos on the Internet
We lose the desire to work
I see warnings online that say “these seem to take longer than usual,” which doesn’t allow us to work continuously.
We are losing a lot of time in class because of the delay."

"Projects from Iran" by shaghayegh azimi, from Iran inside out.
"One is a snapshot of the underground heavy metal scene in Iran and the other is a personal reflection on the looming idea of a US-Iran war. While we are really excited to show these videos, we believe that the real merit of these stories lies in the eye of the beholder and how the audience reacts to these films"

"Lesson from prison"by Byron Mesquita of Prison Diaries.
"Prison teaches me wickedness, bitterness, madness, badness, sadness, selfishness, idleness, laziness, craziness and all kinds of ness that placed me in a mess. Prison teaches me that it has no fundamental foundation to lay progress on."

Bow Bazaar by Neighbourhood Diaries, Kolkata.
"Bow Bazaar is an old, bustling neighbourhood in Central Calcutta stretching along Bipin Behari Street to Mahatma Gandhi Road, between the city’s old college district and primary train station, Sealdah. This locality is bustling with a market of jewelers, carpenters, and musical instrument craftsmen, and is also made of crooked alleys and lanes"

Malnutrition by Think Build Change Salone, Sierra Leone
"Kadie Kandeh a 28year old student studying Nutrition (who was a year older than our 27 year cut off) talked about her experience giving nutrition advice in her community and in conversation with her we discussed the possibility of creating a nutrition guide for families using cheap local ingredients. She explained that with cases of malnutrition, many times mothers were as much victims as their children because of certain beliefs that the husband should get the best parts of the meal."

"Human Rights Campaign in Ifanadiana" by Karenichia, FBC, Madagascar.
As its name indicates, Rodorodo or Walk for Development means a walk about 40 km in the villages around the region and make some information/sensitization session mainly on the theme of Human Rights given the fact that this year we celebrate the 60th anniversary of its declaration.


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