Embarassing moment with Benny Lava on campus.

It's friday and it's time to share a fun story.

There are documented evidences out there that the GV summit in Budapest was certainly a productive one but there was also time for less serious activities.
At the end of the internal portion of the conference, thanks to the fabulous Neha, the phrase "pet the dog and screw the light bubble at the same time" is forever associated with the following video around the world:

(actual footage of the GV version of this choreography is an urban myth, I think :)).

Yesterday, I was sitting in my usual Hookah place on campus and wanted a break from catching up with work. I put on my earphones and played the "Benni Lava" video.
As the singer came in with his ubercool shades, I started to smile, pumped up the volume and bobbed my head to the music.

After a while, I sensed in my peripheral vision some movement and people smiling. I thought nothing of it and kept my focus on the video when I felt someone poking gently on my shoulder.

I looked up and saw that the waitress was trying to get my attention. She told me in a very calm voice: "Although most people here seem to enjoy your music and dancing, we would appreciate if you would actually plug in your earphones so that it won't disturb the rest of the costumers".

My head dropped in embarrassment amidst laughter and smiles. I pondered staying there for a while but finally decided to pack my things, waived sheepishly at the other customers and fled the scene of "Benni Lava" shame.

I now have to find a new place to hang out.


  1. Nice. If only this were on YouTube, then you could have a meta Benny Lava moment. =)

  2. Ahahaha Benny Lava RULLLES :)

    So do you cousin Lova :)
    I can pretty imagine the other customers'faces huuhuhuh

  3. Oh Lova Benny Lava! You poor thing!

  4. This story cracked me up. Poor you! and what might the other patrons at the library have been thinking... LOL

    You singing your own personal version: the Benny Lova ;)

  5. what a hilarious image! poor thing!

  6. My lame excuse is that my earphone plug is located right next to my mic plug, hence the illusion that I was keeping Benni to myself. They need to make different plugs for mic and earphones for idiots like me :).

  7. rotfl! Lova and the Lava!