GV summit 2008 was an absolute bast

In a most ironic turn of event, I found myself not using the internet much while at a meeting of bloggers and quite frankly, it was just fine by me.
In brief, I learned an awful lot of new procedures, shattered a few of my prejudiced views, met incredibly knowledgeable yet very low-key people. This does not tell you much, obviously and I apologize for that but I suspect I will need a few days to digest the last few days.

Steve Sharra
from Malawi probably said how I feel about all of this the best: " You sometimes find yourself a bit pessimistic about the fate of the world, yet, an event like this summit makes you believe that maybe, just maybe, we have a chance to be efficient about increasing our understanding of the world and each other".
For that, I would like to thank the co-founders of Global Voices Online for their vision. We should not take for granted the fact that other people are going out of their ways to open opportunities for less familiar regions to be heard.
Organizing the summit was also a masterpiece of some kind. From getting people from literally all over the place here, to allowing everyone a chance to speak out their concerns and hopes...hat tip to the team for allowing me to meet Amine, Catalina, Nicholas, Collins, Portnoy, Yazan, Claire, Rebecca and many many more....

I really cannot render a proper picture of the atmosphere here so let me just show a few picture and tell you that I am now a member of the Danish-PuertoRican Association ( as you should as well):

GV summit photos

( GVOers by Peterzin)


  1. zay ve nama vao nahazo sary kle....mila zoom kely angambana raha toa k a mety (you know...for some photo album...lol)

  2. Hi Lova.

    It's a pleasure to know you in Budapest.

    Thanks for all.

    Sorry, my English is bad.

    Greetings from Colombia.

    Catalina (HIperbarrio - Colombia)

  3. The pleasure was all mine Catalina.
    Hope to see you again soon with other RV people.