Must read from Rising Voices

I don't like to use the phrase "must-read". However, I have to make an exception here because great posts such as the latest Rising Voices entry deserve to be called just that:

Please know that this is not an attempt at getting accolades for something I had nothing to do with.
Many people deserve much recognition ( the medical team comes to mind) but most of all, as David so nicely put it, this is and should be all about Diana. Diana, her big heart and her amazing stubbornness to not give up on what her heart told her to do in spite of many untold struggles and nuisances.

Thanks to GV's magic man Jeremy it is now possible to translate articles from rising voices onto the GV lingua websites. So this is a humble request to my fellow lingua GVers: if you have some extra-time, please consider translating the post. It would mean the world to many people but most importantly to Diana.

**A few other links on a busy news day for Madagascar:

-Why HIV rate in Madagascar is low. (Guardian)

-Search for Taiwanese men in Madagascar called off :(....

Libyan Embassy robbed in Antananarivo.

- Malaria still top killer of African child 5 years -old or younger (in French)

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