What tv did not show last night

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If you are feeling a bit down on monday morning, the footage of the athletes at the parlympics games that opened yesterday should set you right back on track. The sheer joy on display and the once again spectacular show makes me wonder why the tv network did not deem the ceremony worthy of coverage on basic cable.
If anything embodies the olympic spirit, I would vote for the sight of the flame being carried by this athlete with a seeing-eye dog at her side.
Watch the last 3 minutes before the lighting of the flame. If you are not a bit moved by the moment, it might be time to ask your friends to check your wrist for a pulse.
The flagbearer for Madagascar was swimmer Josefa Harijaona Randrianony.
and although Malagasy might get a chuckle at the name (it sounds like Malagasy cursing a bit) isn't the mascott, Fu niu lele, just perfect ?

(photo via wikipedia)

For more inspiration, check out South African swimmer Natalie Du Toit story's as well: she only competed in both olympics and paralympics games.

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  1. That's pretty inspiring. What is that spiral thing on the cow's head ?