What they really meant ( The "Madagascar 2" Edition)

To celebrate (NOT) the opening of Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa (huh ?), here is another edition of things read and heard and what their authors really meant:

1) "She is not stupid, she can be tutored"
Bill O'Reilly, upon hearing that Gov. Palin may not have known that Africa is a continent.

What Bill O' meant: (Wait for it)...yes she can ! I think it can only go up from here, right ? RIGHT ? We will come back and WE'LL DO IT LIVE.

Speaking of Africa:

2) "Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa"
Title of Dreamworks flick coming out today in the US.

What dreamworks really meant:
Unlike the thrilla from Wasilla, we at dreamworks knew South-Africa was not just a region of the country of Africa. What we were not quite sure of was that Madagascar is part of the continent too. Now we feel like our title sounds like: "Paris is burning 2: the French campaign" It sounds a bit stupid, doesn't it? ...Oh shucks.

3) "Obama is young, handsome and tanned"
Berlusconi on the new US President-elect.

What Berlusconi really meant:

Hey, This is how we welcome people in my family. Hey, we are Italians , we make jokes, we have fun. Don't be so sensitive, relax. We kid about everything: Roma people, Zidane's mother, Eva Braun's secret crush on Benito... what, too soon too?

4) "I voted McCain because I am not poor and stupid"
Megan Morrison, Purdue Freshman quoted in the University newspaper.

What Megan really meant: (actual response the following day)
"Obama's followers are reminiscent of Stalin's cult of personality.My first choice was Ron Paul, but McCain needed my support, as I didn't want Indiana to go blue. I accept the fact that Indiana is now Democratic, and that Obama owned the election, but I'll be very interested to see how the masses feel when the honeymoon period of change wears off."

People should know when they have said enough and stop talking. Just when I celebrated Indiana turning blue....

Graffiti written on one of Purdue historic tree on campus' busiest alley. Purdue president quickly condemned the gesture and ordered a prompt removal of the graffiti.

What the graffiti really meant:

Stay classy, Purdue campus.

,That was a good injection of a dose of reality, right there. Still much work to do, as president elect said so himself. Si se puede.

FYI, I have no beef with Dreamworks. Apparently they offered a lump sum to the government for using the country's name and will show the movie back home for free. Plus Ben Stiller, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Chris Rock and Sacha sound like a winning combo to me.
I wish the movie plenty of success but just know that if you are looking for info on the country on google, you will probably have to skip tp the 3rd page. That is all.
No wonder why Foko blogger named his blog Madagascar Not the movie. Read him, he is quite insightful, unless you were looking for the penguins of course.


  1. When I went to. Madagascar, I saw the resemblance.

    What I really meant:

    I have to tell everyone that there are no lions in Madagascar, only bad-ass lemurs.

  2. @eduardo

    ROFL :D

    OT: apparently our C-i-C is not too fond of BHO. Hummm.