Inauguration Day blog party (while we still can)

There are all of depressing events going right now. I won't list them, you know what they are (And If you have an interest in Malagasy politics, the the shit has not hit the fan yet, but you know it's coming).

So even more reason to rejoice in seemingly the only good news while we can. I am talking about the departure of GWB (kidding sort of). Inauguration Day start at 10 AM EST, the international crew at Voices Without Votes, sister project of Global Voices Online, will comment one last time on the US elections. It was fun. If you want to weigh in, feel free to drop by and leave your own remark about the ceremony at the US`presidency in general as it relates to you( enthused or snarkly, we do both at VwV).

Some GVers are actually attending the ceremony live to wish soon-to-be president Obama good luck ( Lord knows he will need some). We hope that they will be able to share their feelings (via twitter or other medium).


  1. Listen dear bros and sisters ...
    should you be pro-Ra8, pro-TGV, pro-Ramanantsoa, pro-Tsiranana
    ... even pro-Ratsiraka
    Mada is your Land ... Mada is my land too ...
    this land was made for you and me !

    P.S: Sorry ... I know I'm OT but anyway

  2. I don't think that is OT :).
    In the same manner, just as the non stop comparison of Obama to Lincoln is preposterous, TGV is certainly no Obama yet.
    By the same token, Ra8 ought to look carefully at the current legacy of GWB if he keeps disgarding the voices of dissent.