Random thoughts

Why I love the randomness of browsing the web. (Or in twitter language, the things I wish I tweeted or RT'ed)

- Read somewhere (paraphrased): " A woman will enlarge anything you give her. You give her a smile, she will give you her heart. You give her sperm, she will give you a baby. You give her groceries, she will give you a meal. You give her a house, she will give you a home. So, please, please don't give her crap..."

- The negotiation talk in Maputo about the Madagascar crisis are going...hum, well, they are ongoing. It could be the critical point towards a resolution, finally. It could also be the beginning of even more political jostling at the expenses of the citizen lambda. Here is a surreal photo of the two main antagonists of the crisis, awkward ! Either way, they both lost a lot of credibility in the past 6 months as most people are just tired of the constant infighting. Read Ndimby, Jentilisa and Topmada for the latest from Maputo.

- Welcome back TopMada. After being idle for almost two months for suspicious reason (threats..), the news website is updated again.

Much more interesting are what people are achieving in spite of all:

- ICE club and Foko dynamic contributors Arinaina and Andry are getting married today. Congratulations and much love to both of them.
A photo workshop was held thanks to Tibora, Christi and co.
-Stephane who coordinates all of the foko activities, was robbed and attacked at his home last night. Show him love for all he is doing for Foko blog club.

- Madafan is highlighting the parts of Madagascar that you should consider visiting, even if the circumstances are not ideal. Here is my small contribution to the Madafan concept about Ampefy.

- Similarly, expecting great stuff soon from the tandem of Tahina and Pinguin-Mada. I had a great video of Pinguin explaining why he tweets and does not blog. Unfortunately, it got lost in my many shuffles.

- A rich brainstorming also took place among Foko members while I was there where the idea was to express all that could be improved with respect to foko activities. I promise I will tell more about it but a great line from pinguin went: " How about stating more clearly the purpose of foko ?" We promise we will get to that soon, Pinguin ;).

- A final word on the posts on the blog (or lack there of lately). I have been starting a Master of Public Policy here. It's been on for the two weeks and I am literally overwhelmed with concept to integrate asap. So please excuse the lack of updates as I am trying to survive my 1st month :). We had a workshop on Leadership and Ethics and as you may have figured, Malagasy former and current leaders would have failed miserably the requirements for standards of good leadership...oh well...it's not too late for them to come around, in Maputo for instance.

You all have a great week-end and keep your fingers crossed for a good conclusion for Madagascar at the Maputo talk.

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