About me

I am a biomedical engineering researcher with an interest in designing low-cost mobile diagnostic tools for resource limited settings. I was raised in Madagascar and I am currently completing a Master of Public Policy at the Woodrow Wilson School of International Affairs and Public Policy at Princeton University. I am Global Voices correspondent for Madagascar, a country that has undergone considerable social turmoil the past year and is still embattled in a never ending political crisis since the military-driven takeover in March 2009. My contribution consists of contextualizing and highlight the effort of Malagasy citizen journalists during this challenging period, as they posted their reports via blogging platforms or twitter ( reports of our collaborative effort during the crisis can be found in the Wall Street Journal, CNN and Global Post ) I am also part of the Foko-Madagascar team, an outreach project to promote citizen media in parts of Madagascar that are often ignored by the national media with the support of Rising Voices.