Worthy causes (and a serious biais on my part :-) )

I have been rambling on and on about what is wrong with the state of the world . I admit I have been all talk and no action. Well, here is a start albeit a small one. Below are a few websites that try to address and rectify some of the wrongs of the world. It is an eclectic list but bare with me , I did not want to leave anything out .

Fair trade ( Chris Martin's cause).
data.org ( you know I was going there, so sue me :-) )
making motherhood safer ( shamelessplug to pompile 's work: 1st take)
environment (yep, respect for human life starts with respect for life period)
land mines: A great post by fellow blogger Montgomery from Alabama also address the issue. Thousand of other blogs actually do as well but I read his post ....

You know what ? I am leaving out so many worthy causes and worthy organizations (from other part of the world) that I will stop here for today.
However, My shameless plug into my mother's work is not finished quite yet :-). The picture on the right under my profile is actually hers. A click on the image will take you to an article about her work and her fight for women's rights in developping countries. I promise that is the end of the familial promotion but if you can look past my own biais, you will see that there is good work being done there. Another way to find out more is at www.unfpa.org.

Have a great week everyone and let's not be completely indifferent to the pain of our fellow humans.

PS: on a much lighter note, Jon Stewart is hosting the Oscars. Yeah !!!! I could not possibly make a post solely about my own guilt trip from my lack of involvment in social causes. So looking forward to a good laugh from Stewart's wit. Keep it classy Jon ! Plus there is an outside chance that brokeback mountain wins a few oscars and pushes ahead tolerance for love of all kind, shape and form. Gee, I must be in a social conscious mood today :-) I need a beer or something :-)

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