G.W. Bush "discovers" Bono and the need for another source of energy

I still wonder how this meeting did not tear a hole in the universe and induce armageddon. Apparently G-dubb ( as the president is called by his close friend Kanye West ), thinks that Bono is "an amazing guy". Well he also seemed to realize that there is a need for alternative to arab oil as a source of energy. Hold on, this is a major breakthrough...:-) maybe soon we will hear that maybe invading Iraq was not that profitable and a lousy idea after all. Yet I digress again.... Back to the point where Bono is a "doer" (sic) (as opposed to an evil doer, I guess, someone needs to buy our friend W a thesarus !!! ), I wouldn't disagree with his assesment of Bono. He does get things done. I may disagree with the often referal to God to reach to certain circle of power but the bottom line is to rectify an unjust situation so I will let it be. Bono's way is to get as many influential people of whatever political board to do something about a situation that is insanely absurd. I may actually get on board with that agenda as long as these other people drop the nonsense about sexual abstinence as the solution to fight HIV epidemic. I would like to come up with a good metaphor to illustrate that idea but it is just too idiotic right now. How about this: Hiding behing a young christmas tree while an avalanche is storming down towards you: it might work but I would not bet on it !

The other epiphany that occured was the need for another source of energy. I might be wrong here, but I don't think that was his major concern when he was head of the executive board of one of the Gulf coast -based US oil company. ( I would look up the name but I am too lazy). Then he decided that running for president of US might tickle his fancy ( and the world has been a better place since then.... ). This divine revelation calls for another mataphor:
it would be the equivalent of a hip-hop rapper rhyming about how bad he is and how many women are lusting for him and 2 years later preaching about how rap is corrupting the youth of society. ( wait, that actually happended... nevermind) Let's just say that the credibility factor is somewhat diminished. It is still a fair statement though; just as bad lyrics can influence the mind of yougsters, there is a need for an alternative to oil..... I would like to say " we told you so 25 years ago..." but I will just pull out my toenails instead and pour some acid on them.
This might not be relevant after all since it appears that we have reached the tipping point climatewise where the global warming will definitely melt away the polar ice and provoke global flooding in the next 100 years. ( I cannot find the article anymore, you look for it). On the brightside, there will be no need for pulling out the toenails anymore, the fishes will be happy to do it for me. If I sound a little bitter, it's because I am. I am bitter because I think I don't do nearly enough to counter this seemingly irreversible cahin of events. ( It is an accurate evaluation because I, in fact, don't do a thing about it. Donations to the red cross do not count anymore at this point). Still, I have hope, because after reading about the little things that make big differences in the book "the Tipping Point " by again Malcom Gladwell ( I swear I do not get commission on his book sells ), I learned that starting a major trend or a global epidemic is not that difficult. One could get everyone on this planet to bike for a week instead of driving by using a combination of good campaigning strategy, right network and timing. And be really smart too, .....well so much for that....can I get those toenails removed now ?

Have a great week-end still :-)

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