Hanging with the all-stars: who is that ?

I am now basking in the extravaganza that is the NBA all-star game. It is a pointless game but it's in good spirit and it is always fun to catch random celebrities trying to convince people tha they can "ball". That and Steve Nash who has the unique distinction of being the mos thoughtful athlete with the most inexplicable hair. So far, we are expecting a 5"8 guy to win the dunk contest ( nate robinson see pics), we saw an ex-celtic ( Walther "I love Walther" Mcarthy) sing the national anthem ( not bad actually left pics) and Nowitzki looking like he is worried about the birdflu in germany ( right pics).
Now let's play the "do you recognize me ? " game: Which celebrities are hanging out with Lova in those blurred pictures ? ( hint: one used to date the all-star Chris Webber ad the other knows Michael Jackson :-) ). Answer soon with unblurred pics.


  1. Do you scuba-dive? c'est ma passion!

  2. I went scuba-diving in St Vincent last Xmas. I am not very good at it but I enjoyed it thoroughly ( mainly because of the scenery, it is where they shot the movie:"pirates of the carribean")

  3. lucky you! :) it's always great to hear some malagasy (islanders) enjoying scuba-diving and sea life!