Tyra banks and Flipper are on a boat, which school would they choose ?

The answer from the previous post is Tyra Banks ( before she was Victoria Secret least secret weapon ) and Flipper the dolphin ( I don't know if that's flipper actually, she might be just another fish in the sea). Still, the cartoon on the right is by far my favorite. You may think I am saying this to earn point with the lady of the house but actually, I just look much better as a cartoon than in real life. Have a great lazy week-end !
( Please note that I have now pledged loyalty to 4 different schools in my college career as seen on my Hoyas hat. Paul Sabatier, Georgetown, Tulane and Purdue, that's 4 schools, 2 countries, 3 conferences, 3 mascots and 4 religions [rugby, jesuit, jewish, football ] for those keeping count. Next move, ACC baby ! BTW I do not have a commitment problem in case you were wondering)

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