Outrage over the plight of Africa. Lillicub as comfort

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Today I want to start with a happy memory because the news are rather depressing. The song above (voyage en italie, lillicub) is so underrated and yet so joyful. It is a nice blend of jazz and pop, the french equivalent of the Shins ( Garden State soundtrack) if you will. More importantly it brings me back to a road trip I took with my sis.( not to Italy as the song states but to the suburbs of Paris...the destination is not as glamorous but the weather was gorgeous and my sister was delighted by the normand cow sightings..good times all around).

On a much sadder note, The backpages of newspapers made note of the terrible state of some regions of East Africa (drought, starvation, potentially 11 millions of famished people). This tragedy makes the support of the food and health programs in the region even more crucial. It is unacceptable that such news are ow taken for granted and deemed unworthy of our attention. It may not be surprising news but it still demands our outrage and our anger.
Better yet than anger or compassion, a more effective approach is the one taken by the goodwill volunteers who travel around the globe to correct the unjustice themselves. Gary Sinise (lieutenant Dan of the "Forrest Gump" movie) transports books and pencils in Iraqi and
Afghan elementary schools. "Operation smile" of Medecins sans Frontieres or "doctors without borders" reaches the isolated regions of Niger to provide basic plastic surgeries to burn victims ( shameless plug at my dad's work back then see pics. ).
I,on the other hand, just bark on my blog like a mad dog. Nobody's perfect :-( !

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