H5N1 avian flu and Nick Lachey taking a stand for his manhood

This Birdflu epidemic is officially creepy. The pattern and pace at which it is spreading are straight out of those "jaws" horror movies. You know it's there , you hear the scary music but you cannot do anything to prevent the next casualty. It is not because of a lack of effort from our public health monitors though; in fact, solving this issue is turning out to be far more complicated than expected ( potential mutations, vehicle, vaccines). I just hope my virologist friends will come up with a solution before the shark turns into a massive killer whales posse. (for the record, I work on ONE protein in the hepatitis B virus genome therefore I am not much of a help on this matter. My friends are a lot more knowledgeable on the process of infection and replication, but it seems that this H5N1 guy is a headscratcher eitherway).
On a much more serious matter, Nick Lachey asked his ex-wife for financial support after their divorce. That 's just rich ! So Nicky boy decided that, after riding the boys band wave with 98 degrees, he will now ride the alimony poney from his "chicken of the sea" ex-spouse. Way to stand up for yourself and other men Nick ! and take that ( pun intended) , feminist movement ! The divorced men club wants pay back from all those years of support the first wives club :-) . On the other hand, he could get back to singing so ...maybe it is better this way for our own sake.

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