the best classical music pieces during powerful movie moments.

There was a moment that made my friends pause and wonder about both my sanity and my sexual orientation. (They are probably still wondering on both count but that is another story). We were on our way to dine out in the fabulously animated Lafayette downtown (3 people in the street total) when Tom Hanks took a break from working on his diffamation case with Denzel Washington. ( That movie is "philadelphia" but you knew that). In a strange momentum shift, he plays "la Mamma Morta" by Giordano ( or Chenier) and explains the changes in the song to a confused then intrigued Denzel W. As La Callas belt the highs and lows, T. Hanks narrates the song in tears and Denzel looks like a deer caught in the headlight.
Superb acting, outstanding idea and grat movie moment overall. Anyhow, I stopped in my tracks and made all my friends wait till the end of the scene. It was awkward and I understand why my guy friends stayed 2m away from me until we got to the pub. The point is, I just could not walk away from the scene. That is how powerful the combination of the music and the acting was. Let me add that I am usually totally thick to opera or classical music and tone deaf in general (to the dispair of my family) so here is my poor attempt at finding great movie moments associated with great classical pieces. I realize that I might be the only one interested in this but what the heck....:
movie, "music piece", scene
1) se7en, "air on G string" Bach, Morgan Freeman comtemplating life's misery in his apartment while solving mystery of a serial killer in glauque-town: perfect mood setting.
2) Shawshank redemption: "Noces de Figaro" Mozart. Tim Robbins find a moment of grace for him and his fellow inmates in prison by playing Mozart against the warden's will, knowing he will get a beating. "For those 5 min, we were all free".
3) sophie's choice: too many "songs" so I will pick one: "kinderszenen" Schumann
4) Pretty woman: "La traviatta" Verdi: Julia Roberts accompanies Richard Gere to the Opera in San Fran and well, you know the rest.
5) Apocalypse now: "ride of the walkyries" Wagner. Napalm Bomb dropping, people screaming, chopper flying and Walkyrie riding. Genius !
Only one girlie movie in the lot, so my roomate should not worry too much :-)
One last thing: I hate spellchecking. I know it looks retarded when I don't but it's a mental block of mine so .... you will have to live with that. I think you already did. Have a great week-end !


  1. The only thing that scares me is preferring cat over dogs. Strange behaviour. I didn't like the whole Tom Hanks crying away because of an Opera, I thought he was overacting there. But anyway, barcrawl here we come!

  2. Anonymous12:32 AM

    no barcrawl for me :( no love for Hanks ? c'mon ! "life is a box of chocolate..."

  3. Anonymous3:23 PM

    "Philadelphia" superbe et acteurs supers...mais avant tout Mozart...ou Chenier..ou Giodarno ..totalement confuse!!!!!en tout cas tres bon detonateur pour les croises contre le SIDA

  4. anonymous> je crois que la version dans "Philadelphia" est celle de Giordano. Encore une fois, je ne suis pas un expert en la matiere :) esperons que la croisade contr le SIDA ne faiblisse pas