people who live together start to look alike or is it the other way around :) ?

My roomate Ranjit was going through his childhood pics when we realize that we kind of look alike back then. Funny, isn't it ? Since the chance of us being related is 1 in a billion, maybe the theory about people who live together start to look alike ought to be revisited. Here comes a new one : "you will end up living with someone who look like you". Somewhere Shrek is nodding in approval. Can you tell which one is which ? :-)

On a related note, here are other "look-alike": Dog owners and their dog ! I am waiting for Ranjit and I-mei to morph into Ginga /Booboo anytime now !

PS: Awesome post on the "identity crisis" ( definetely the theme of the week) of France from an objective point of view ( my roomate's see pics).


  1. Awwww... you two were so cute!! :)

    Here's my guess: Doggie is on the left and you're on the right?

  2. yay, we got a winner ! I think Ranjit like the dog whisperer better as a nickname. You did well because I still have to convince my relatives that those pictures are 2 different people :(

  3. moniquerakotomalala3:16 PM

    lorsque tu etais a Ampandrinomby..tu avais aussi un frere jumeau...son prenom Hakim...donc Ranjhit,bienvenue dans le club et moi je dis que a force de vivre ensemble on finit par se ressembler