I officially entered the twilight zone ! Gladwell, the sportsguy and a black cat showed me the truth is out there !

I know I have been spending far too much time mumbling and rumbling on this space but I need some reinsurance from you guys that my life is not just being played on strings by a muppet-master with a funny bone. I have new proofs (3 of them) that something supernatural is happening in my world. If you have been following the verbal junk that is on this website, there are a very few things that triggers my interest: my family friends and Mada, global issues and poverty, cultural stereotypes and consequences, sports and movies and finally my pets. All of them came together in any very spooky way the past 3 days. Therefore I am either going insane or there is a higher power that is having fun at my expenses. The 3 evidences: 1) my roomate found a very playful and cuddly cat yesterday that is the long lost twin of my cat in Tana named kiwi. They are exactly the same and if you knew my cat, you can see more pictures on the dogblog. So I might have a cat but I am not sure.( that sentence will make sense some time in the future I hope)
I am well known with my friends as having man-crushes on Bono, Gladwell , Jon Stewart and the Sportsguy because I won't shut up about them. (That is a lot of man crushes actually, maybe I should tell my therapist and girlfriend about this. Anyone knows the acceptable limit for man-crushes ? ) Well guess what ?
evidence 2): Jon Stewart is hosting the Oscar on sunday with plenty of awesome materials to work with ( Thank you Dick Cheney ) and
evidence 3): the Sportsguy is having a whole article about Malcom Gladwell on sports issues.
Crazy no ? I am now half-expecting Bono and U2 to write a song about Malagasy tennis with the doggies Jon Stewart, Booboo and Ginga doing the background vocals. It could happen ( if it does , I am joining Tom Cruise's church of Scientology)
I am so psyched about this article that I will take a long bathroom break at work and enjoy the exchange between the 2 guys that are shaping my intellects right now ( That last sentence is so sad on so many levels. On the other hand I could have had Dick Cheney as my civil right instructor so I don't feel too bad about myself ). After that, I will go check on my long lost cat , buy a lottery ticket ( that is how good I feel right now) and peruse the yellow pages for a psychotherapist and/or a psychic (mind reader).
I am sorry if this post did not make any sense but I don't make much sense to myself at the moment.
I wish all of you the greatest of the week-end ( mine is going to be just fine ) and make sure to catch the Oscars !


  1. Hi cousin Lova,

    I'm not sure that my English is clear as well but anyway, I take my chance to write in English :-)

    I felt that since this week, you transmitted me the "blogmania" (???) and form now, I will obviously have to spend time on my blog let's say, ....5 minutes everyday.

    Thansk again and Take care !!!!!

  2. Hey Sandy,

    Sorry about transmitting the blogflu ! It can be cured by plugging off the computer and tequila shots with friends ;-), It is nice that we can read whatyou are up to and that everything is OK over there. keep blogging !

  3. Hi cousin Lova,

    I'm just back from a salsa party in wich I meet your old friend Jean-Marc (Jimmy),
    I told him that you hava a blog, I hope he will leave a comment very soon.

    take care