My roomate is on acid ! (kidding Ranjit ) D-day -2 till Oscar night

My roomate Ranjit who introduced me to the painfully-addictive world of blogging is on fire lately. It has been two days in a row that he made my day by posting hysterical notes on his blog.
Please, give yourself a nice break and check it out, especially the bumper sticker that pretty much sum up my feelings about the state of this nation. The tips about W's visit to India would work almost just as well for Madagascar, especially the vehicle-right-of -passage part.
Note that we are aware that Big Brother in DC/Texas is monitoring our rants and has probably "red-listed" both of us by now. (Oh well, our visa applications looked suspicious the moment they saw our "too-close-to-middle eastern" faces anyway.)
Still, it was a good liberating laugh and as Jon Stewart sayss: sometimes, that is all we need. ( I made that up but I live vicariously through him so...)
Ranjit also is the webmaster for the highly popular dog-blog "the world of Ginga and Booboo" ( I know it's shameless plug to our pets' website but I am about to be ejected at the border so shameless plugging is the least of my worry :-).)
Oscar night is Sunday aka the night when Jon Stewart took over the world. All jokes aside, the guy is not only funny and bright, he is also fair about his criticism of "either sides of the political fence" (a little Sting reference for you children of the 80's). He is also thorough about his fact finding even though he did not have to because it is a COMEDY show. That makes his show the exact opposite of the "O'Reilly factor" which is not a comedy show but highly unitentionally comical and clueless about facts accuracy. ( Letterman was dead-on in saying that 60% of his words are BS). I am dead-serious when I assert that Jon Stewart and David Stern ( NBA commissioner) would make the best Pres./VP combo since..... Crepe and Banane Flambee. Someone needs to pitch that idea and make it happen.
In honor of Oscar Nights, here are my nominees for the Stewart/Stern Award for most potent combo ever:
Adam Sandler/ Drew Barrymore
Jean Reno/Christian Clavier ( or Portman)
Vivien Leigh/ Clark Gable
Darth Vador/ Luke Skywalker
Jordan/Pippen (or Bugs Bunny)

Humm, looking back at the list maybe I had some of the leftover cake.

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