live recap of the Oscars from Point Of View of malagasy dude in Lafayette, IN

Since my dear sister shares my love for movies and the shallow world of celebrities and since it will be way too early in the morning in Tunis for her to watch tv, I thought I would write a running recap of the Oscar night to share the moment with her and everyone else. I will try to describe and comment on the year’s night of glamour and meaningless questions as they happen so please forgive me for any mispellings and botched sentences.
Early disappointment for my sister , no Eva Longoria sighting ( and no Tony Parker either, thank god !) The red carpet was already quite funny so it is about to start, so let’s get going !!!!

Great start ! All former hosts refuse to host and Jon Stewart is in bed with Halle Berry and George Cloney. This is bizarre in more way than one. The theme seem to be the “return of glamour”: when did glamour leave ? ( Stewart asks )

Bjork, Dick Cheney: great joke !!!!! (if you remember, Bjork came last year with a Swann (fr:cygne) wrapped around her neck (?). This year, Dick Cheney shot a quail ( fr: caille). The joke is in place but someone had to make the connection.

Schindler, Munich , Jewish trilogy: even a better joke that only . Stewart is doing Ok so far, solid but not outstanding, a bit of nerves maybe ?

Kidman, looking good !

9:30 PM

Cloney won: I am awfully giddy right now ! He is funny and solid smart too ! I am not having a man crush yet ! ( too many of these lately ) The sarcastic self-promotion “sexiest man alive 97” was witty. I knew he would say something socially relevant but the part about Hollywood being socially conscious was refreshing and on point ! He knows his history and his speech was short, good stuff so far !

I have no word to describe Ben stiller's costum ( a frog like green disguise )and Tom Hanks' hair ( "Da vinci Code meet Tarzan"). I-mei asks me who won the most Oscars ? I have no clue , she thinks: K. Hepburn, I think, J-C Van Damme.


Madagascar was not nominated for animated features :-( 2nd dissapointment.of the night (not really).

2nd Imei trivia: did you know that there was a 3rd wilson brother actor beside Luke and Owen ? answer after the break ( always wanted to write that ) I-mei is worrying me about her extensive knowledge. I should be the one with the meaningless trivia knowledge, I will fight back and reclaim my position!

Great change to have A-celebrities introduce the winners.

10: 25 Rachel Weisz, and "March of the Penguins both won". This might be my happiest oscar ever. Rachel Weisz acknowledged in a classy way the issue raised by the “Constant Gardener” (pharmaceutical industries using Africa as trying grounds. Note to self: rent this movie). I rented “March of the Penguins” but have not watched it yet. The Penguins accepting their awards had very heavy french accent…. kind of cute in a weird way.

Salma Hayek looked stunning in a tight blue gown. Apparently according to the award winner for soundtrack, brokeback mountain did a lot not only for gay minority but also the latin minority. I am starting to think that they made the movie to anger the hardcore republican party. I have no doubt that I will wach that movie at some point now. ( I can see Ranjit and Chinmay's eyes raising to the sky. You will too my friends, you will too.)

10:35 ( the night starts to drag a bit)

Stewart joked about repopulating the earth with Eric Bana and Jessica Alba's babies. I second that motion. (Alba is smoking hot, and so is King Kong as it won its second statue.)

I cannot wait for Stewart's reaction after "it's hard out here for a pimp " won the oscar for best song. I nominate the acceptance speech by "36 mafia, cedric and sthg Beauregard" ( great name for a rapper b the way)" as the best moment ever in Oscar history !!!!! Priceless.

10:50 Jennifer Gardner almost fell coming onstage:"I do my own stunt" (great recovery). King Kong Rules ! (...the technical aspect at least. )

"Totsi" ( South Africa) won the award for foreign movie. The kids in the movie (and in the crowd) were very proud and emotional, very nice moment. I am liking this ceremony so far !

best actor is up , suspense ..... Philip Seymour Hoffman for Capote! Wow, the kid in scent of a woman and along came Polly.... he promised to his high school to bark if he won so I am waiting....no barking. Ginga/ boo are dissapointed. I have a joke in French about Capote ...nevermind.

We are coming down the stretch few awards left: Reese Witherspoon for best actress. She officially becomes the new Julia Roberts, america's sweetheart. Brokeback Mountain is showing its teeth with screenplay adaption. The winner seems to be taking high dosage of valium. It is almost 11:30 after all. Uma Thurman is splendid and that dress is a movie in itself. Crash won, I really like that movie although many people think it paints a too simplistic view of race. I dont agree but to each its opinion.
Ang lee wins for Brokeback Moutain !!!!! It's done, I am watching it and taking the reticent Ranjit and Chinmay with me ( akward moments ahead :-) yep ).

In a stunning upset, ( do u feel the drama ?:) ) Crash wins best film !!!!! Now that is going to be discussed for a while. I should be happy, it puts culture difference and racial stereotyping back on the spotlight. Let the debating begin !!!!

OK that's it from Lafayette, IN. An exciting night overall, plenty to discuss and gracious winners. Big winners: Cloney, Crash and tolerance. Only sad note, the moviegoers did not ..go (lowest attendance in a while). Does it mean that when the movies are interesting and meaningful , we reward them by NOT watching ? Jon Stewart was again solid but not great. On hindsight, that was the right approach for a debut, I hope he comes back next year. I am dead tired, I hope my sister and you guys enjoyed this a bit. Answer to trivia: Andrew Wilson.

Good Night and good luck !

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  1. Great recap of Oscar night! Looks like you really enjoyed it. I did, too. Stewart is a great host. And there were a few surprises here and there. I was happy to see Rachel and Reese win, as well as March of the Penguins. Was a bit disappointed in Brokeback Mountain losing to Crash, but the so-called 'upset' isn't actually that surprising given the controversy that has surrounded Brokeback Mountain.

    Fellow Malagasy girl :)

  2. Hey Cinthia, I have not seen brokeback mountain yet but "Crash" really impressed me with the fresh outlook on society. I am not sure it is oscar material but worse movies have been crowned before :-) ( i.e: Traffic ). Glad you share the passion :)