what took so long ? tennis replay and other much needed improvements

First I would like to thank all of you who wheigh in on my cat's name. I posted an update on her on the dog blog, she is adorable and her name might just be Cleo. ( Dad, mum, I am not getting rid of the cat so stop voting :-) ). My cousin Sandy and I have been lifelong tennis fan and the new ruling about allowing replay to make the correct decision on litigious points have us excited about the future of the game. Federer does not like the new rule (?) but anything that makes the game more fair is good in my book. I am going to miss John McEnroe's outburst:" You cannot be serious !" but I will survive :). Here is my list of other ideas or concepts that made me wonder why we did not think about it earlier:
1)online banking ( always hated the trip to the crowded bank at lunch time)
2)foreign language in elementary school ( kids do learn faster right ?)
3) Laser scanning cytometry ( sorry if it sounds foreign but it's advice that allows quantification of fluorescence intensity on individual cells. Still unclear? It's a tool that would help me graduate :) )
4) movies that take a social stand.
5) impeachment of president on other issues than stained blue dress
6) google earth
7) key finder
8) mastercard commercial
Finally, I just wanted to say a word about the news from St-Martin about a policeman death that are in the front pages of French newspaper right now. My dad was at the site of the accident and his take on the whole issue is worth another post so stay tuned.


  1. what I like in your blog Lova, is that you share us several topics that differ from what we usually read in the french blogosphere.:)

  2. you know, Tattum, I wish I could be more in touch with the overall atmosphere of home. However, being in the US and the US being a bit of a "closed vase" :), I talked about the current events as it transpires here. I am glad you enjoy it though, as I am very happy to read about home and other things from your webspace. I guess we can classify the exchange of diverse interests as yet another reason why we blog :).

  3. sure! when I read a blog, the reason why I appreciate it or not depends on the way the blogger brings out what he/she wants to share. I like to read complementary blogs to mine, but not similar, and the ones that let me discover new space, new culture,etc...
    for instance, you remind me that it's been a very long time that I haven't played tennis! and spoken english :)

  4. Hi dear Cousin,

    What is exciting each time I want to post a comment is that I begin to think in French, try to translate and write it down as much as possible :-) but when I tried to think more than three times, I finally think and write it without thinking.

    Anyway, I wanted to write to your father about this policeman who was dead (has he seen him after the accident?).
    The point is that there was a very few media which talked about it, even if it happened in France. The two last weeks, there was mainly two news :
    1. "will Y. F. will be etracted in France and when".
    2. all the dead chicken :-(

    I was wondering if you can locate the town where you are using this link http://local.live.com/ (sorry for the google fans / shareholders lol)

  5. >Tattum, I always wondered how you could write so well and so extensively about all those places you visited. I am lucky if I remember the street I lived in.
    >Sandy, he saw him as he was transported to the hospital. I will post his mail about what actually happen. I can my street on local.live.com but no pics like on goggle earth :-).