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I am trying out this new media host "putfile": so here are a few "food for fun" things:

Carla Bruni: "Quelqu'un m'a dit": for a former model , I think she is a talented songwriter.
KT Tunstall: "Other side of the world". KT is scottish and she has a beautiful voice.
chanakha song : It was our friend Chanakha's bday last week. We had a little fun with the song and the lyrics and we all sang it for him at hid bday. Good times ! I might put our own version and lyrics soon if I had enough to drink !
Hay ve rija ramanatoanina : Mr Crooner from home. I dont really like this song but my sister does and it brings her way back so
mcdonalds : Jerry Seinfeld is genius. This is a routine about an old McDonald advertisement that was saying : "a billion served daily"couple of years ago. It is still hilarious especially the "cow" part. I hope this works, let me know.

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