Random thoughts and most underrated gems

1) So apparently Michael Douglas is giving Brad Pitt lesson on marital bliss: "What is Brad Pitt thinking leaving that beautiful woman ? And how does he think it is going to end with this woman adopting kid from all over the world ?"
First, this is the same Michael Douglas who married someone who could be his grand-daughter. Second, the bashing of Angelina Jolie is getting old. She is minding her own business with her adopted kids and quietly making things happen to reduce injustice in the world. So Michael, chill out and take care of your own kids for a change.

2) The theory that renovations of buildings 'facade in the high-risk neigbhorhood was an essential part of the reduction of crime rate in NY in the 90's is worth examining. Sometimes it DOES start from the outside. In fact, Tana's crime reduction decreased since the cleaning up of some of the sleazy marketplaces. The only reason ? Of course not. But a factor ? absolutely.
3) Drew Brees, a former Purdue ( my school) Quarterback will play in my town ( New-Orleans). Needless to say, I will be rooting for them like hell except against the Indiana Colts.
4) Chikungunya ( spelling ?) virus is reported in Madagascar. This is the most disheartening part of science for me. Even with a decent level of education, I will most likely still know too little to have an impact when it matters.

Most underrated gems (according to me):
1) La baie des Russes ( Russian bay): on the way to Nosy Iranja (island) ( North of Mada)
2) Freshly brewed Ethiopian Arabica.
3) "Solsburry Hill" by Peter Gabriel, "Daydream believer" by the monkeys ("It" ebay commercial), "This year's love" by David Gray.
3) Russell Peters' funny routine on culture and race.
4) Creme Brulee at Balthazar ( SoHo)
5) Danny Granger of the Pacers.

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